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10/03/19 07:56 AM #6267    

Joseph Gentilini

Thank you for all the messages of sympathy on the death of my brother.  THANKS.  Joe


10/03/19 11:29 PM #6268    


Michael McLeod

10/04/19 05:25 AM #6269    


David Mitchell


I have no idea who that guy on the left is, but the guy in the middle was my dad's favorite TV show back in the day.


10/04/19 11:35 AM #6270    


Daniel Brown



10/04/19 11:44 AM #6271    


Michael McLeod

Same here.

That's a rare post - part political, part sentimental.

As with other tv we remember from childhood, the plotlines and humor of all those shows reflect writers and acting styles heavily influenced by vaudeville. 

Also, when we were children, we watched television mostly as a family. And not All The Time. Don't know about you but in grade school I watched Mickey Mouse Club with my sisters after school and then watched whatever my parents were watching - as a family, sitting on our "davenport" -  in the evening. One tv set. Three channels. And the tv set got turned off at night because there were no broadcasts to watch, so it wasn't omnipresent, potentially part of our lives every single moment of the day. It knew its place. It stayed downstairs when we went upstairs, curled up on the rug down there and went to sleep, more like a pet than a participant capable of nosing in on our lives 24-7. It was a healthy, upstairs-downstairs domestic alignment.

I know I am not saying anything that everybody doesn't know already, but it's just worth musing over -- how much modern telecommunications influence our lives in a way they did not, back in the day - when life, if you stop to thing about it, was more REAL - experienced first-hand rather than via cell phones and 24-hour news cycles and even this oblique techno-communication you and I are having right now. 



10/04/19 01:10 PM #6272    


David Mitchell


You are making me feel old. 

How old?

Why, I'm so old I can remember clear back when "comedy" was funny. 

I can even remember when there were good family dramas, with actual literary or historical content. Even some live dramas. 

My 3 grandkids know about angry unicorns and fighting ninjas. But they have never heard of Cowboys and Indians. Or Pioneers, or Mountain Men, or Revolutionary War figures. Or Robin Hood, or Pirates, or Knights in Shining Armor. 

Wow!   I must be old.


Ohh Poncho!    Ohh Cisco!



Did Lightening just strike on the post before you?  That long-winded post just before you reminded me of a guy in our class with the initials D.B.  

Nah, couldn't be the same guy.

10/04/19 02:26 PM #6273    


Michael Boulware

Gosh Dave!!!! You know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. You ought to watch Jeopardy with Fred Clem. He gives out answers before I finish reading them. I bet you two would be a tough match-up. I just heard from Steve Royer's wife, Lynn. She is one of my favorite people and would be a challenge to you and Freddie as well.


10/04/19 06:33 PM #6274    


Kathleen Wintering (Nagy)

 Oct. 4th, 2019.  Hi Jeanine!    Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!  ps. Not sure if my first message came through or not! Kathy W.

10/04/19 10:18 PM #6275    


David Mitchell

Mike B., 

I think it's more like a terrible curiosity - almost to the point of addiction. But I could never hold a candle to Fred's memory. And you are obviously very well read yourself. 


P.s. Keep the compliments coming. I'll get a check out to you in the mail as soon as I can. 

10/05/19 11:37 AM #6276    


John Maxwell

I posted a short video of alien invaders who have settled in a tree in my yard. I wonder if they are edible.

10/06/19 01:10 PM #6277    


Michael McLeod

Birds of a feather.

10/06/19 01:37 PM #6278    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Jack,  where did you post a video? 

10/06/19 04:56 PM #6279    


Mary Margaret Clark (Schultheis)

Shout-out to Bon Jonas......thanks for posting this on Facebook!

God Bless America and God Bless the Ohio State Buckeyes Marching Band!heart

10/06/19 05:50 PM #6280    


James Hamilton, M. D.

MM and Bonnie,

Thanks for that video of the OSU Marching Band. It is amazing how they can do such choreographed maneuvers! The are definitely the best!


10/06/19 06:19 PM #6281    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Fall Is Too Short!

Autumn officially began less than 2 weeks ago today. It is my favorite season but it is way too brief! I just checked the weather on NOAA for this coming week. Our low temperature on Thursday is predicted to be 22 degrees F with snow "flurries" here in Colorado Springs; in Estes Park, 12 degrees and more snow.

On Friday I was up in the Cripple Creek/Victor mining district for my last chance to photograph the changing aspen trees. This is ~10,000 feet in elevation. It was a perfect day and the aspens there were at the peak of their color:

However, the winds were quite brisk and with every puff the leaves were falling like snowflakes:

The wind gusts were even stronger yesterday and  today and I believe that my timing was perfect since I suspect by tonight most of the trees will be bare and prepared for the oncoming winter. Timing is essential when seeking out these colors and this year I lucked out.

As a "Look Back to Autumn" I clicked off a frame that says it all: (I have shared this shot with a few of you on other venues so pardon the repetition!)


Have a great week,







10/07/19 10:06 AM #6282    


Lawrence Foster

Jim - I like those new pics of yours, thanks for posting them.  

Yesterday I went through some boxes and found an item I hadn't seen in years.  And obviously I was a good little boy because you can see that I never burned the candle at both ends!   Just saying...   

Since we went to Catholic schools I thought this would be the best place to share it.  The note from 1955 is in my mother's handwriting.




10/07/19 10:40 AM #6283    


Mary Margaret Clark (Schultheis)

Jim, beautiful photos that capture the essence of fall.  Larry, what a treasured keepsake....especially your Mom's note.heart

I was blessed to have spent last week at the ocean, enjoying the majesty of God's creation....Carolina blue skies, gorgeous sunrises, amazing sunsets and soft ocean breezes.  The meme below particularly resonated with me, not only because Ohio had 90 degree temps last week and this morning it was 55 degrees, but particularly because an hour into our trip with my daughter drving  just as we approached Athens and the OU exit, we noticed red, white, blue flashing lights behind us.  Apparently, the speed limits go up and down along a small stretch of highway and we missed the change from 70 mph to 55 mph.  Result.....$150 donation to Athens County!!!  

10/07/19 12:01 PM #6284    


John Maxwell

I post photos on the Watterson facebook page. I haven't the special knowledge to post them on the message center.

10/07/19 12:03 PM #6285    


Mark Schweickart

Larry – What the heck was a First Communion candle? Was that a thing? Obviously it was, since you have one, but I don't recall having one, nor can I imagine how it was used. It looks a little big to be something one would have carried during the ceremony.

Tangentally related, I do have a recollection of an ordeal concerning my first Confession. As you all probably remember, we were drilled for a few weeks prior to the event about what to expect, and it was made sure that we had memorized the Act of Contrition. The thing that threw me was the opening line where we were instructed to say, "Oh my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended thee...." At that age, I was unaware of the word "heartily" and thought I was supposed to say, " Oh my God, I am hardly sorry for having offended Thee...." This just didn't seem right to me, but that is what Sister Clotine (?) had been drilling us with, so who was I to judge? However, just to be safe, before entering the confessional, I said a little pre-prayer to let God know I was in fact truly sorry, and not hardly sorry, as I was about to proclaim.

And boy, those sins of a six year-old, they must have been whoppers. I wouldn't want to be a priest on the receiving end of first Confession day. His ears must have been on fire.

10/07/19 10:57 PM #6286    


David Mitchell

Not sure how good your "Buckeye memories" are, but I just saw something fun on the Monday Night football game between the 49'ers, and the Browns. 


Former OSU standout and rookie LB for San Francisco - NIck Bosa -  just sacked Browns QB Baker Mayfield, then got up, celebrating his sack and made a motion like he was waving a flag, eventually planting it in the ground  - with emphasis!

A memory of a bad night a few years ago in the "shoe" with Oklahoma. 

10/08/19 12:33 AM #6287    


David Mitchell

Note: I wrote a much more offensive post than this and pulled it - cleaned it up          - A LOT

But I just cannot let this one go.


Tonight, I am sad for my country.

As a Conservative who loves to disagree with Conservatives, and a Christian who loves to call out "Christians", I would normally be the last person on earth to agree with Pat Roberston.

But we are about to sell the brave, loyal Kurdish people's down the river into a certain genocide at the hands of another one of our great leader's buddies - Mr. Erdogan.

And at least Robertson is speaking out about it. I may not be down with his "mandate from heaven" nonsense, but my God - isn't this enough to finally draw out some of the cowardly Republicans who have been trembling in fear, and hiding behind the water cooler all this time?

The ring of toilet scum is really floating to the top now. This is the height of cowardice and betrayal.  


There will be blood.

The Kurds will be anihilated!  Or driven onto al-Assad's camp - amazing!

And we will all still have to face our grandchildren.  


sorry - but it really hurts


10/08/19 01:41 AM #6288    


David Mitchell

Maybe there is some light in the darkness.

The Pope is actually discussing married priests with a gathering of South American bishops.


Shortages of priests in the Amazon regions are critical. Reality runs deep.

10/08/19 04:03 AM #6289    


Michael McLeod

I'm with you on abandoning allies, Dave.

This isn't the first time we've done it, either.

War sucks, always.

It sucks in a whole different way without honor.


10/08/19 09:27 AM #6290    


John Jackson

Building on Dave’s and Mike’s posts, here’s a really good article from The Atlantic about what the generals think about Trump.  The author has been The Atlantic’s chief military correspondent for more than 30 years.  The tagline for the article is “The Commander-in-Chief is impulsive, disdains expertise, and gets his intelligence briefings from Fox News.  What does this mean for those on the front lines?”

10/08/19 04:27 PM #6291    


Mary Margaret Clark (Schultheis)

John J .

In reference to this sentence quoted from the article, "In 20 years of writing about the military, I have never heard officrs in high positions express such alarm about a president."

I have read the Atlantic article.  I also read an article from the editors of the National Review who also disagree with Trump's decision to begin withdrawing troops from Syria.  I then read an article with a differing point of view.

The author of the article, a retired Army infantry colonel with a degree from the Army War College,writes;

"Conservatives like me still think of ourselves as hawks, but after hard experience we have learned to be hawkish only where America's interests are directly at stake."......."Fighting for the Kurds would not be immoral.  It's a good cause, but we can't intervene every time there's a good cause.  Iraq was a good cause, and a disaster.  Our troops will do everything we ask of them and more.  They will lay down their lives for this cause if we send them.  And that's the point.  We owe our men and women in uniform the moral courage to make the hard decision not to fight, even when we see a grievous wrong unfolding, where there is no compelling national interest and no clear objective.  We can't garrison Syria forever.  We can't right every wrong around the globe."

The questions for me are:  Is there a compelling national interest to remain in Syria?  And what obectives are we attempting to achieve and for how long?


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