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11/29/21 11:03 AM #10229    


John Maxwell

Every so often in history there is an event that creates a condition for overall change. A course correction if you will. Saturday in Ann Arbor was one of those moments. What happened, was an overall strengtening of a pre-eminent rivalry. In a sense think of it as a merging of two great powers into one. The only thing left is to bask in its warmth. Think of it as a win for both OSU and UofM. Just a perspective from a true fan of the greatest rivalry.

11/30/21 11:15 AM #10230    


Michael McLeod


Your age is showing. And I mean that as a compliment.

Years ago I would have just been angry and frustrated and bitter over the kind of loss we had to sit and take last saturday.

But after moping around a bit after the game I had an impulse to drive down the street and knock on the door of a Michigan fan I've been teasing for years.

I congratulated him. I told him I knew exactly how he felt, which was exactly how I felt years ago when OSU broke out of a long losing streak and beat Michigan. I was happy for him. And I sincerely, sincerely was. Swear to God. It's a Christmas miracle. I never could have risen above my own frustrations, in years past, long enough to let go the way I had to let go to have a moment like that. I enjoyed it. He enjoyed it. The guy had tears in his eyes as he shook my hand, and I had to do a little blinking myself. 

I'm still surprised that I did something like that - not just that I did it but that it came to me so effortlessly. Then I realized it reflected changes in me that I hadn't registered until that moment. 

Anyway that's what your post reminded me of. It made me suspect you and I - and lord knows how many of our classmates - have gone through similiar transformations.

The more we pay attention over the years the more we open up a different perspective on things, one that will, on occasion, take us by surprise.


11/30/21 04:42 PM #10231    

Joseph Gentilini

I have some good news.  While some of my doctors were sure I had pancreatic cancer, all the scans and the latest biopsies are negative for cancer.  They now think I have an auto-immune pancreatitis problem and are going to treat it with steroids.  This will really mess up my diabetes, but it can be managed.  The liver enzymes are coming back in the right direction.  They will take more blood work next week and another scan of my body in two months or so to make sure this is the correct diagnosis.  They tell me that this type of pancreatitis mimics pancreatic cancer and is difficult to diagnosis.  One doctor told me that I was a miracle child and dodged a bullet.  I very much appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts for me - more than you will ever know.  Please pray that the treatment works and I will finally start getting better.  Joe

11/30/21 05:07 PM #10232    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Joe G., 

Really good news as that is a very treatable condition. Hope any further testing confirms it and the treatment will end this nightmare!


11/30/21 05:28 PM #10233    


David Mitchell


Keep your hopes up.

And we'll do some of the praying for you.

11/30/21 05:33 PM #10234    


David Mitchell

Mike and Jack,

A very wise old friend (by the name of Keith Groff) once expained to me that there really is life after the Michigan game. 


(I think he is still wise and even older now - much older)

11/30/21 06:37 PM #10235    


Julie Carpenter

Joe, I am so happy for your good news. It truly feels like a miracle. Take care of yourself and let us know how you are doing. Also, if there's anything you need, please let me know--I'll help if I can. Merry Christmas!

11/30/21 07:44 PM #10236    


Michael McLeod

great news Joe!

11/30/21 08:32 PM #10237    


John Jackson

Joe, so happy to hear of the new diagnosis - it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

11/30/21 11:20 PM #10238    


Joseph D. McCarthy

Joe G.

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!    Hoping for the best outcome.

12/01/21 10:54 AM #10239    


Donna Kelley (Velazquez)

Wonderful news, Joe!

12/01/21 10:55 AM #10240    


Sheila McCarthy (Gardner)

Joe: Congratulations on the new diagnosis. And you ARE a miracle child. Don't forget that .... Merry Christmas. 


12/01/21 11:33 AM #10241    


Deborah Alexander (Rogers)

Joe, that is wonderful news!  And proof that prayers do work.  You had so many of us praying for you, and we will continue to do so.  Truly a Christmas miracle!

12/01/21 11:37 AM #10242    


Mark Schweickart

Joe – So He called off the Hounds!

Man, that is terrific news. Good for you. And, not to be too selfish here, but that is good news for the rest of us as well. It seems to me that at our age whenever we hear of someone having an illness to deal with, it rarely has a good outcome. You are providing hope for us all.

12/01/21 12:32 PM #10243    


Daniel Cody

Joe:  that is wonderful news.  Stay well my friend.  Hope we have a gathering again and soon!  Regards to Leo. Merry Christmas!

12/01/21 01:19 PM #10244    


Michael McLeod

Be careful out there.

My daughter, who had her shots, got covid. She's in her bedroom at home and can't make it down the stairs.

She works in child care so I'm guessing that's how it was transmitted - she says they sent home eight children with fevers last week - but that's not the point.

I have gotten lackadaisical since getting the booster about wearing my mask around.

And I am sure it remains very rare for a healthy person who has been innoculated to die from the disease.

But It's still a bitch, if you pardon my french, to come down with covid even under the best of circumstances.

so be careful out there.

12/02/21 10:37 AM #10245    


Mary Margaret Clark (Schultheis)

Have you written your letter to Santa yet?smiley 

12/02/21 11:49 AM #10246    


Michael McLeod

no, but this gives me some good ideas.

12/03/21 11:09 AM #10247    


Harold Clark

lucky for you guys there is a shortage of coal this year.

12/03/21 11:32 AM #10248    


Michael McLeod


By now I've got a stockpile.

12/03/21 12:11 PM #10249    


David Mitchell

Nice to see an ND coach who really wants to be the ND coach^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1466783062692274185|twgr^|twcon^s1_c10&ref_url=

12/03/21 01:15 PM #10250    


David Mitchell

And get this,,

Freeman's first regular season game will be at his own Alma Mater - THEE Ohio State University (in the "shoe") next September 3rd.

What are the odds?

12/03/21 09:33 PM #10251    


Michael McLeod

If this doesn't get you in the holiday spirit you're the grinch or at least a close relation.

12/04/21 09:33 AM #10252    


John Jackson

So glad to see Marcus Freeman as ND's coach - from all reports he's a really good guy.  I always thought Kelly was a jerk and apparently I'm not alone:


12/05/21 11:55 AM #10253    


Mary Margaret Clark (Schultheis)

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