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04/13/24 12:29 PM #13781    


David Mitchell

Mike M.

Watch where you're throwing those compliments around boy.

My approach to learning was - "Do I have to?"   Or, "Can't I put this of till another day?"


One need only to connsult with John Jacson to verity that second question.


04/14/24 12:39 AM #13782    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Fads of the 50's and 60's


We all spent the majority of those two decades in elementary and high school. I think most of us have at least some fond, as well as some not-so-fond, memories of those days. The recent loss of one of our coach/teachers seems to have sparked a few of those thoughts. At our age memories become more important each day. And, as I have previously mentioned on this Forum, long term memory is frequently clearer than the short term.

Sometimes my mind will be triggered by a song, a sight or even a word that transports me back to those two decades. So, let's have some fun on the Forum and look back at fads through which we have lived that later we either loved or hated. These could be styles, trends, "technology", terminology or anything else of which you can remember. As you think of them, would you like to see any of them return?

I'll start out with a few to "prime the pump":

Nehru jackets

Boatneck shirts

Beachcomber pants

Saddle shoes

Very wide neckties

Fountain pens

Peacock blue ink

Poodle skirts

Bobby socks

Transistor radios

Streamers on bicycle handles

Hulu hoops

​​​​​​Pocket protectors

Dial phones

Well, you get the idea. Any chance of these "retro" things making a return?

Just thinkin'







04/14/24 06:47 AM #13783    


Michael Boulware

Okay Jim. I remember Jerry Lucas; Larry Seigfreid, and John Havlicek having a flat top so short that there was a white spot in the middle of their scalp. A lot of guys our age got those haircuts because we idolized those guys. Those haircuts went well with our white levis.

04/14/24 08:40 AM #13784    


Donna Kelley (Velazquez)

Ok, Jim I´ll jump in too.  I have fond memories of September trips to downtown Lazarus to buy "back-to-school" saddle shoes and later penny loafers.  Beachcomber pants were later called capri pants if I remember correctly. One of the few things on the list that I see still being used by children is the Hula Hoop .

Here are the first paragraphs from an article I have just read in the Washington Post. I think we can all identify with some of the sentiments expressed.

The Washington Post   By Mary Duenwald,  Deputy opinion editor

When he was a few years short of 30, Paul Simon imagined, naively, that age 70 would be “terribly strange.” Now that he’s 82, he might see it Anne Lamott’s way – as really “a young age for an older person to be.” On her 70th birthday last week, Anne published her seventh Post Opinions column on aging and also dropped in for a Washington Post Live conversation with Sally Quinn.

All while en route through America to introduce her twentieth book, “Somehow: Thoughts on Love.”

“One big juicy, messy, hard, joyful, quiet life,” is how Anne assesses her 70 years, adding that she never expected to live so long. Given all she’s learned along the way, however, she would not turn back the clock even a year. “We are all figuring it out as we go,” she points out. “Aging is grad school.”

I especially like the phrase, 70 is "a young age for an older person to be."  smiley

04/14/24 09:58 AM #13785    


Michael McLeod

I don't know, Donna. I was feeling pretty good about life until this morning. Then I read a story in the New York Times that told me that "the manosphere is toxic" these day and that millions of men in this country are feeling demoralized. 

Now I feel demoralized too. Who was that donkey that Christopher Robbins hung out with -- Eeyore. That's my new role model.

Sure I live in sunny florida and there's a big swimming pool and a beautiful row of purple and pink bouganvillia bushes just now coming back to life in my back yard and a fabulous woman - she's a grade school teacher so she knows how to handle a man at my level of maturity - and two wonderful children and various peppy grandchildren in my life.

But I'm gonna mope all day long because the New York Times tells me I should.

PS I want to keep you guys up to date on the alien invasion front.





04/14/24 11:16 AM #13786    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Mike B.

I stopped wearing a flat top decades ago but for some reason the "white spot" in the middle of my scalp has returned and is enlarging. Go figure...




04/14/24 11:47 AM #13787    


Donna Kelley (Velazquez)

What can I tell ya, Michael?!  You can lead a donkey to happiness but you can't make him.....   :-)



04/14/24 12:40 PM #13788    


David Mitchell

Perry Como

Gary Moore

Ed Sullivan

Arthur Godfrey

I Love Lucy

and,,, What's My Line

04/15/24 12:09 PM #13789    


Michael McLeod

I am cleaning out my shed today. Call me a tomb raider. I'm not comparing myself to Indiana Jones. I'm saying that for someone at my level of maturity and overall organizational capacity, going in there to do battle with my random accumultion of stuff stuff stuff -- I just found a light figure that was still in the box and has been sitting there for lord knows how long -- this represents a test of character and a dollop of self-loathing besides.  For example: Apparently, I have an edger. Very nice one. Black and Decker. I'm guessing I used once, maybe five, maybe ten years ago. Haven't used it since. Finding it was a total surprise. 

Lucky me I have a grownup girlfriend. I don't think I'll tell her about the Black and Decker. 

And as a journalist and public servant of sorts I feel obliged to say I'll bring up my absent-mindedness when I go in for a checkup. It's humbling but at our age we need to self-monitor both sides of the fence, physical and mental.

04/15/24 12:18 PM #13790    


Michael McLeod

Dan Brown:

Yes congrats to oj. He's come full circle. 

04/15/24 02:41 PM #13791    


Michael McLeod

Proud to be born Catholic at the moment:

04/15/24 02:47 PM #13792    


David Mitchell

Speaking of cleaning house, while I was in my long rehab stay, my three kids came to help clen up the mess in my house.

Now back home, (stille learning to spell) I am finding all kinds of stuff with which I can part ways.

Anybody remember this?

04/15/24 10:16 PM #13793    


John Jackson

Thanks, Mike - I haven’t been feeling quite like myself lately but, thanks to Marjorie Taylor Green, I now realize it’s just one of those pesky side effects of diabolical possession.  Very reassuring - I feel better already!

04/16/24 10:24 AM #13794    


Michael McLeod

John: I have two words to describe MTG:

"Satanic chutzpah."

She'd be entertaining if she weren't so scary.

And to make up for putting something so icky on the message forum here's something that will make everybody smile:



04/17/24 09:43 AM #13795    


Michael McLeod

It's "bated" breath not "baited" breath. 

One way of remembering it is that "bated" is the opposite of "unabated."

(It's a dirty job, being a pedant. But somebody has to do it. And lord only know how many mistakes I've been rescued from by copy editors over the years.My mother was equally assiduous about catching mispellings and grammatical errors.)


04/17/24 10:19 AM #13796    


Mary Margaret Clark (Schultheis)

Mike and can find things more scary than MTG on the User Forum. 

04/17/24 12:39 PM #13797    


John Jackson

Mike, “pedant” is such a great word – you can’t use the word without being one.                

And MM, you’re referring to Scary Lake who’s running for Senate in Arizona, aren’t you?  She IS scarier than MTG!  But how did she get on the User Forum?


04/17/24 04:31 PM #13798    


Michael McLeod


Say what you will but I've been pretty solid on this for some time now and I can't imagine there's anything out there to change my mind. Call me stubborn but I put mtg in first place in my scary threat list, while the ongoing threat that biodiversity will be erased by pollution and overpopulation and the planet will die out taking mankind along with it comes in at a distant second.   

04/17/24 08:31 PM #13799    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Refletions in the Afternoon

A quick visual break from politics:

While waiting for my wife to buy a few things at Walgreens, I was sitting in the car with the afternoon sun above some fantastic clouds, a single vapor trail (upper right) and a still partially snow-capped Pikes Peak (in lower far right window) to my back and reflected in the store's windows when I realized there was a photo-op in front of me. 

Ain't cell phone cameras great at times like this! 

A bit abstract view of "Springtime in the Rockies"!




04/17/24 11:14 PM #13800    


Joseph D. McCarthy

One little thing about the Supreme Courts upcoming decision on Presidential Immunity.

IF, suppose, the Supremes decide that what Mr. Trump did regarding "looking" for more votes, and other actions falls under Presidential Immunity.

And IF Mr. Trump were to have a close election.  What is to keep President Biden from calling out the military to find the addional votes he might need to have the lead.  He could then claim Presidential Immunity for himself, and like Trump pardon all his cabinet members from any actions they took on his behalf  Maybe even give his son a pardon for past and future events.

Just thinking.

04/18/24 06:45 AM #13801    


Michael Boulware

Concerning Joe McCarthy's post #13800

Joe, you are right on the money. The thing is; we would be surprised if Biden would attempt to use the military in that manner. If Biden loses the election to Trump; we would expect Biden to have a peaceful exchange of power. Biden could use his power to pardon his son, but we would all be surprised if he did this. Biden's respect for tradition and our Constitution would forbid him from doing these things that Trump would do in a heartbeat. 

04/18/24 07:01 AM #13802    


Michael Boulware

Concerning Jim Hamilton's post #1376:

Jim, I forgot what a great sense of humor you have. You did prove "what goes around, comes around".

04/18/24 11:09 AM #13803    


Mary Margaret Clark (Schultheis)

04/18/24 12:17 PM #13804    


Michael McLeod

how cool is this?


An 11-Year-Old Girl’s Fossil Find Is the Largest Known Ocean Reptile

When Ruby Reynolds and her father found a fossil on an English beach, they didn’t know it belonged to an 82-foot ichthyosaur that swam during the days of the dinosaurs.

An illustration shows a giant ichthyosaur carcass washed up on a beach with two small theropods investigating.
Fragments of an ichthyosaur jawbone from the Westbury Mudstone Formation in Somerset, England, suggest Ichthyotitan severnensis may have been 82 feet long, or twice the length of a city bus.Credit...Sergey Krasovskiy

04/18/24 01:56 PM #13805    


David Mitchell

Mike M. 

I'm sorry, but I think it's against the law to use words like "Ichthyotitan severnensis" here in Beaufort County, SC.

Even if it was 82 feet long. 

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