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03/20/20 03:51 PM #6996    


David Mitchell

Yes Donna,

I hear you. My young Doctor friend in Germany is telling horror stories about his hospital staff. And he his now home, sick in bed with a horrible cold and can hardly talk - yet they keep calling him to get back to work in the hospital. Everyone on staff is being worked to exhaustion.

And meanwhile his legal issue in Texas grows ever more complicated. 

Anyone who is really bored take a while to read "Red River Justice" - Texas Observer.  About a lawyer who beat the County in court so often they finally arresed him and his wife on false charges -which he also won and got big settlement. We are actively attempting to switch to that attorney, who has a much more promising approach to my friend's defense. 


Or this article - about a different sherriff (who went to prison) in a different county - the article is titled,

"Is There a More Corrupt County Than Red River?"  


Or, this article; "If You Want to Get Away With Murder, Do It In Clarksville"

(the Red River county seat)


03/20/20 05:23 PM #6997    


David Mitchell

My best friend Roger and his wife (Cobra Pilot from Vinh Long and boat builder) just sent me this very important video from their boat down in the Bahamas. 

Be sure you all head this critical advice!!!!!!!

03/20/20 07:34 PM #6998    


Timothy Lavelle

God, life is suddenly so much different.

It is a beautiful day here but...

I was out getting my dope supply up to quarentine level but...

In my 20s at OSU, the harbinger of spring was girls in jean shorts and tank tops but...

My new harbinger of spring is old men with gray beards riding motorcycles. 

Sooo sad.

Party on.  


03/20/20 11:20 PM #6999    


Joseph D. McCarthy

Dr. Jim, if I'm stepping on any toes please correct me ad then send me to the corner.

This CoronaVirus (Covid-19, and NOT the China Virus) is no laughing matter.  But neither is the MANDATORY Home confinement.  Be prepared for it.  In Northern California it started with a few counties declared emergencies, spread to Sonoma County, and now includes the whole state. 

What that means is that ALL but essential businesses are closed.  Medical facilities, which are understaffed and overworked, can try and help.  Police and Firefighters are working, many overtime.  Gasoline stations are open, but since most people cannot go anywhere the prices keep dropping (were under $3.00 now).  restaurants can operate IF they are handling the Drive through lanes or Some form of takeout (GrubHub I guess).  Groceries are allowed to TRY and stay open, but the shelves are empty of many things - especially toilet paper even though the stores can restock it within days.  Drug stores are allowed to remain open.  Police shut down, and were ready to issue a fine to a Gun & ammo store in San Jose that said it was there Constitutional Right to remain open.  Just one example of businesses that do NOT fall under any exception.

Mike please forgive me for my writing but my Editor is on leave.

Suggestions, because this (Mandatory stay at home) will be coming to your state.  Make sure NOW you have at least a months supply of any of your, or relatives or friends, medications.  Make sure you have enough food for about three weeks to a month; beans and soup, or something better don't forget bread and canned goods that will last for awhile.  While you still can find some get Isoporpyl alcohol, Clorox ( or any that kill 99% of germs, and a few packets of wipes that are basically the same strength.   Fill your vehichle with gas now and keep it filled for emergencies.  Go to the hardware store, Lowe's or Home Depot, and purchase a BOX of N95 masks, and use them when you have to go outside to a store. etc.  

More when I can remember or someone asks.  Remember that we are supposedly in the class most at risk.  BE SAFE, not sorry. 


03/21/20 09:00 AM #7000    


Jeanine Eilers (Decker)

Thanks for the good words, Joe.

03/21/20 11:39 AM #7001    


John Maxwell

Taking a moment in the life goes on catagory. Yesterday, my son William and his wife, Camille birthed a eight pound, fourteen ounce baby boy in Los Angeles. Betsy and I had to cancel our flights due to travel restrictions and will be skyping soon. He's a beautiful baby and all systems are "go". This is a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy situation. Particularly in LA, where the virus is dangerously close to getting out of hand. For those who haven't accepted the gravity of this situation, smarten up! This is equivalent to meteor strike, near extinction level event. Politics aside, we all have to come together and be mindful of each other if we are to survive this. There is no blame here, just a cautionary situation. We cannot allow ourselves to become lax in our vigilance against this virus. Proper planning of trips and timing are crucial to everyone's well being. Love thy neighbor works even you dislike your neighbors, your health will depend on them at times and vise-versa. In time the infrastructure will right itself and begin to run smoother. By now many of us have researched what to do and if you haven't heard anything about what to do, there are plenty of sources. First don't panic, hoard or try to profit from this. Be attentive, careful and expedient. Develop good clensing habits and schedules. Get organized as best you can. I know in many cases I know I'm preaching to the choir, but you never know. If you feel like you can't stand it anymore, the ask for help. Don't give up. Pray, meditate, whatever works. God bless you all and I look forward to seeing you all again when this emergency is over. Take care.

03/21/20 11:53 AM #7002    


Michael McLeod

Congrats Jack.

And we do well to philosophize about our situation.

Things have been awfully abrasive in our country and in the world at large for a while.

I'm not religious but if I were I'd say God decided that we needed a time out.


03/21/20 12:23 PM #7003    


Peggy Southworth (Townley)

Great post, Jack.   Congratulations on a healthy grandson! I'm grateful we all have the Skype option to keep in touch with our loved ones.   If you get a chance, post a photo of that new little one.   Blessings on you. 

03/21/20 01:55 PM #7004    


Donna Kelley (Velazquez)

Congratulations, Jack!    

  Jordi Evole, a Catalan journalist, had a Skype interview this week with Pope Francisco about the pandemic. One of the Pope's comments was "God always forgives. We sometimes forgive.  Nature never forgives."  An interesting perspective.



03/21/20 02:07 PM #7005    


Robert Berkemer

It's good to read all the posts which for me provides a sense of comfort and home... except maybe the idea of a "Bob roast"!  Thanks for that Tim...   What I want to suggest to you all during this difficult time is to stop and consider the many millions who are far less fortunate than us. I'm going to guess thats its very difficult for most Americans to go to the store and purchase a months supply of food. I am very, very fortunate to be able to do that but so many can't do so under normal conditions let alone whats coming with most people being out of work. Our local food shelf charity can purchase $10 dollars worth of food for every $1 dollar donated. I encourage all of you to contact your local charity food source (by phone) and donate what you can. Starving people are desperate people. This need not happen in our wealthy country. Bless you all, Peace.....

03/21/20 02:35 PM #7006    


David Mitchell

Strange times!

I happen to have a local family that I formed a bond with some years back - long story. She is Black, and poor, with two daughters (one employed - one not - one with a husband who will be a ward of the State of So. Carolina for life). And she is gradnmother to about 6 kids, who are now old enough to drop out of school, get in trouble with the law, and get pregnant. And on my last visit, a new great granddaughter.

* (Added later:  and the house is a ramshackle mess) 

I enjoy the priviledge of making little "deposits" (not much really - sometimes little flat envelops - sometimes bags marked Kroger on the side) at her house from time to time and I always get a warm hug.

Now, the hugs will have to wait. But the visits won't - envelopes on the porch are pretty safe

Writing checks or making donations to charities is a wonderful thing. But finding just a single person to make a real one-to-one contact is reallly a life-changing eperience. I urge you to try it - it's a hoot!

Life is happening at a "theater" near you this week. Don't miss it! 


p.s. Last I heard, they are urging us NOT to buy the masks, as medical personael are unaable to get enough for critical needs.

03/21/20 02:46 PM #7007    


David Mitchell

My favorite piece of vocal music ever! And Pavoratti nailed it every time.

Nessum Dorma (Let No One Sleep)

And those last words  "Vincero! Vincero!   ("I will win. I will win") 

Leave it to the Italians to come up with this spectacular adaptation.


03/21/20 03:15 PM #7008    


Joseph D. McCarthy


It my haste to post an entry last night I forgot a few things.

Only purchase a box of N95 masks IF you are purchasing for your family, neighbors, and First Responders as gifts.  Otherwise just purchase individual masks.  Do try and get some bottled water and maybe some instant tea.

For some reason a few Nail Salon operators felt that they were an essential business exempted from shutdowns.  However I have noted that the Municpally owned (leased to a Firm to manage) Golf Course must be essential.  They have had groundskeepers tending the course and Duffers (inside joke) have been playing rounds since they can't go to work.

There is more, but that's for another post.


03/21/20 04:21 PM #7009    


David Mitchell

Just taking a wild guess here - "Forum" activity will be on the increase now. 

Oh Joy!

Hey Janie, I think we finally found a way to "monetize" this thing.

For those of you "lurkers" who suddenly think the "M.M.L.J.H. Committee" (Mitchell, McCleod, Lavelle, Jackson, Hamilton Committee) is about to just sit back and welcome you all back on here without some form of remuneration, be advised - there will be fees enacted for you to be allowed to get back in. 

We will be mailing out an invoice for Bill Reid, Bob Berkermer, and Peggy Southworth to cover their recent outbursts. 


Other semi-active members - Schweickart, Schultheis, Foster, McCarthy, Maxwell, etc. consider yoursleves on active status - unless we run short of cash, and then - be very afraid!  We will consider a special waiver for our Barcelona member - due to the Irish-Spanish, Olympic back flip discount.   
And Fred, where the hell have you been man?

03/21/20 05:06 PM #7010    


Jeanine Eilers (Decker)

Dave--Thank you for the beautiful Italian memorial.  As concerned as I am about our country, my heart bleeds for the Italians.

03/21/20 05:12 PM #7011    


Michael McLeod

Whoa, Donna! Thanks for the awesome Pope quote. I don't think we've ever had such a savvy, genuinely thoughtful, and all-around badass papa in my lifetime.

And hang in there, hon.

03/21/20 05:12 PM #7012    


David Mitchell

Yes Jeanine,

And the French. And my young physician friend in Germany says that the hosptial he serves on staff in Ellwangen, Germany is overwhelmed! All staff working to the point of exhaustion - which in turn makes them more suseptible to the virus. 

03/21/20 05:24 PM #7013    


Jeanine Eilers (Decker)

One good thing:  Yesterday my son and DIL in Napa gave us our fourth granddaughter, Valerie Preston Decker. She is beautiful, of course, and joins her big sister, Reese Jeanine Decker.  Don't know when we will get to see her (I know Jack understands this) but we will drive there as soon as we can.  Life does go on.

03/21/20 05:46 PM #7014    


David Barbour

Dear Forum,

Okay, here is something from our kid in China.  It was published in the Plain Dealer yesterday.

Some of us think its worth reading.

03/21/20 06:26 PM #7015    


Thomas McKeon

Dave great article by your son tell us a little more about him and why he is in China. And Dave you can forget a tax on lurkers love to all and stay safe and healthy

03/21/20 08:58 PM #7016    


David Mitchell

Very interesting Dave.

You did tell me a little bit about him when you stopped here in Bluffton, but I have forgotten what he does. So ditto what Tom asked about his occupation.


Tom, we will get over this shock, and consider you in a category all your own, thereby temporarily waiving the fees. 


And congrats to our new grandparents!

03/21/20 10:28 PM #7017    


Mary Margaret Clark (Schultheis)

Thank you Dave for sharing your son's perspective on COVID-19.  Very reassuring. and it is also good to know that he remained healthy through it all.  

Congratulations, Jeanine on the new granddaughter.  A baby is definitely God's opinion that the world should go on no matter the circumstances.

03/22/20 04:04 PM #7018    


Peggy Southworth (Townley)

Dave B. - I just read your son's article from China.  I forwarded it to my daughter also.   Very well written and encouraged, indeed.   Thank you for posting it. 

03/22/20 06:10 PM #7019    


David Barbour

Tom McKeon!!!!  Whoa, I'm blown away!  John graduated with an engiineering degree

and failed to get a job right away so took his couple semesters of Chinese and set out

to improve his language skills.  He taught english for about 5 years and then found a sales

job with a manufacturer of heavy machine parts and hydraulic equipment.  He is the only

native english speaker in the office.  He has worked steadily to improve his language and is

still working on written text.  Thanks for the interest, everyone.


03/22/20 06:20 PM #7020    


Michael McLeod

And yet we're all so surprised.

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