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11/28/18 03:04 PM #4401    


Michael McLeod

We were stone cold gangsta, Mark. I'm surprised we let you hang with us. 

I do remember the moment very clearly when you made your confession about the watermelon. 

Never realized it was all part of your devious plan.

I also remember the cop talking fondly about the engine of that cruiser.

I had that sweatshirt for a long long time. Can still remember exactly what it looked like. 

And I never understood why they just let us go. Lazy, I'd guess. Just didn't want to deal with the paperwork.

11/28/18 10:27 PM #4402    


Michael McLeod

This is how corny we were:

11/29/18 01:35 AM #4403    


David Mitchell


Doesn't that one on the right remind you of the cutie you were with out in the parking lot at Ricardi's?


Oh darn, I wasn't supposed to tell was I?

11/29/18 09:17 AM #4404    


Lawrence Foster

With the overlap of OSU football and basketball seasons I thought you all might enjoy seeing these that I got many years ago.



11/29/18 10:59 AM #4405    


Michael McLeod

Dave: You will never catch me with "one on the right" no matter how much of a cutie she might be.

It would not work out well for either of us.


11/29/18 01:29 PM #4406    


Kathleen Wintering (Nagy)

I remember going to the Kahiki f  and I think it was for Prom; so I would have gone with Mike McLeod!  Kathy Wintering

11/29/18 02:21 PM #4407    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Forum Folks,

It seems like several have memories - or at least partial memories - of our proms. But did we not also have a winter dance, I think called a "Cotillion"? And as I recall these two dances were held both our Junior and Senior years. I have vague memories that the proms were formal (the old "white sport coat and a pink carnation" type attire) and the cotillions were suit or coat and tie for the boys. The girls wore formals for both and had to have different hair-dos.

Again, perhaps our collective memory can bring all of these events into sharper focus.


11/29/18 11:17 PM #4408    


David Mitchell

I was among the great unwashed who never made it to the Kahiki. Pretty far out of the way for us Beechwold kids.

I went to Presutti's for both proms. Junior year with Shauna from Kingston near Circleville (my second ex-wife), and Senior year with Blanche Rishe. Presutti's was our family "Dress Up" place. I will always remember Papa and Mama Presutti - he in his little formal tux, and her in her flowing big gowns. And didn't they have a piano player in the middle of the room on a little raised stage with plastic flowers cascading around the white wrought iron gazebo?

Or am I thinking of someplace else  - maybe the Jai Lai or the Clermont on South High?

(or was it Prezutti with a z?)

I went to both of our proms, but the Cotillion leaves only a vague memory. I did get asked to go to St. Mary's of the Springs prom with Jane Connor, a tall cutie from my OLP class. And I got asked to go to two "Cherry Balls" at St. Joes. One year with Susie Russeau (I.C. - former neighbor before they moved down to IC). And the next year I went to same Ball at St. Joe's with Anne Crawford (family friend) from St. Mike's. I seem to recall the St. Joe's Ball's both included sit-down dinner on site.

The next time I get asked to go to a Prom I'm gonna suggest we try Taco Bell. That way we can make a run for the border.  


Anybody remember the old Worthington Inn? I had a historic post card collection (now lost) with the "W-Inn" on the photo showing a sign out front advertising Chicken Dinners for something like $6.00. 

And gas at the Sunoco station on Indianola was .39 cents a gallon.

I tell ya' - "Kicks just keep gettin' harder to find".

11/29/18 11:28 PM #4409    


David Mitchell


I remember a few games at St. John Arena when we spotted Woody sitting in a corner near the end line of the court - down low, about 4 rows up from the floor. I seem to recall watching him standing courtside at half-time conversing with Fred Taylor a couple times. Just momentary conversations. Only saw Woody there a few times. 

As I mentioned earlier - I had priveledges around Campus that few could match (spoiled? - yup). Dad was a department head in the Med School for 43 years, so I grew up with free tickets to virtually everything!  All sports, guest speakers, (Werner Von Braun, Dr. Tom Dooley, etc.). I think I saw most sophemore and senior home games at St. John for Lucas/Havlicek/Nowell era and did not miss one game of their undefeated (until the NCAA finals) Junior year. I'll save a fun memory for later in Basketball season.  

11/30/18 12:16 AM #4410    


David Mitchell

I know we are not supposed to get political but I just want to give a shout out today for my South Carolina U.S. Senator Tim Scott. He is the South's only Black Conservative Republican. Today he showed some balls - something I find missing in most of the party I have struggled my best to claim some allegience to. (And it's getting harder to do every day.) Unfortunately, most of them have gone off and joined the Circus Clowns Union, the Klu Klux Klan, or become full time vassals of Wall Street of "Big Pharma". 

Today Senator Scott voted against one of "you-know-who's" nominees to a federal Court Judge - one Thomas Farr. Judge Farr was proven without much doubt to have been instrumental for many years of Jesse Helms' efforts to block Black voters in North Carolina. And Tim's vote (and Jeff Flake's) killed the nomination.

Thanks Senator Tim.  U da man!  

I cannot seem to load the article from USA Today but here is Senator Tim Scott. Wish we had a few more like him. He is his own man. 


11/30/18 12:26 AM #4411    


James Hamilton, M. D.


In my humble opinion there were three really great Italian restaurants that were within reasonable proximity to the Clintonville-Beechwold area when we were living there: "Presutti's Villa, Ricardo's (not to be confused with Riccardi's) and DaVinci's. All of these ORIGINALS have closed. I am sure Fred knows of others that were a bit further away but those three were my favorites. All three were Prom-Cotillion-Special Date Nite worthy places. Even that being the case, after one of those special events my date and I, along with some others, somehow ended up at Howard Johnson's enjoying fried clams.

11/30/18 01:06 AM #4412    


David Mitchell


This was not a dressy place but we used to go meet Dad downtown (when he held his weekly evening patient hours - in the Beggs Building at State and High!) at place called Paoletti's somewhere about two blocks behind the Statehouse along State Street I think. Great italian food - at least we thought so. Long gone in the sixties.

Wasn't Ricardo's Villa a "party house - like for receptions? One of my older cousin's wedding receptions was there and so were some others wedddings of friends. Wasn't it over towards the Linden area? Maybe I am thinking of Ilonka's??

I'm also recalling Sea Food Bay on w. 5th and the landmark Marzetti's downtown - two well known places but we NEVER went to either one.

On a more casual level, when I stayed over at my cousins on Lane Avenue we used to go to Stew Harrison's on W 5th. (or 3rd?) A place that lasted years and added newer rooms, but kept one old room with the booths full of carved initials.

In my teen age years the true mark of a great restaurant was a great hamburger. 


11/30/18 06:27 AM #4413    


Fred Clem


Presutti's Villa was a favorite of our family as well.  My parents held their wedding reception there in December 1945.  Mama & Papa Presutti always recognized them and treated us accordingly, usually with  a complimentary dessert.

Presutti's Villa Columbus Ohio

                                         (Image from a Presutti's Villa postcard)

There was a very good Italian restaurant in the Clintonville-Beechwold area: The Fontanelle operated in Graceland Shopping Center.  It closed in 2003.

Image result for the fontanelle graceland


Paoletti's was on S. Third St. (next to th Dispatch building and across the street from the State House Annex).  It closed in 1973.  I used to eat lunch there with Mike Boulware.  He worked downtown @ Berry's Sporting Goods.

Ricardo's was a restaurant on Oakland Park Avenue, 2 blocks east of Karl Road.  It was owned by the Vittorio and Rossetti families.  Joe Vittorio (BWHS 1965) was the last operator.  He sold the property to anational drugstore chain.  My great uncle, Sam Karam, was the chef there for generations.  Imagine a man of Lebanese parentage making all those wonderful Italian dishes (his wife and my grandmother were sisters).

11/30/18 10:29 AM #4414    


David Mitchell

Thanks Fred,

I love it!

You and Larry should be in charge of our national historic archives.


p.s. I had a hunch you'd "bite" on this one - ha!

11/30/18 10:43 AM #4415    


James Hamilton, M. D.


Ricardo's had a party room downstairs (we had our IC athletic banquets there) but the upstairs was divided into two dining rooms, one velvety red and the other blue.



Bob Susi's Fontanelle Lounge was my parents - and my - favorite place for nice lunches, as it was for hundreds of north Columbus and Worthington residents. I had very few dinners there but always would have a lunch or two whenever I was back in C-bus. Christmas was always fun with the waitresses dressed up in pseudo-Santa Helper outfits. It was another one of those Italian eataries with OSU Sports memorabilia and autographed pictures of famous people who had dined there.

There are so many of these places that I miss...


11/30/18 12:59 PM #4416    


Michael McLeod

I see we are back to talking about all of Dave Mitchell's girlfriends.

I think Dave needs to establish a separate site just to cover that extensive subject.

11/30/18 01:41 PM #4417    


Kathleen Wintering (Nagy)

Did Mr. Presutti bring out jewelry from his safe to show your parents when you went there with your family? He had some very beautiful things and he was a nice man! Kathy Wintering

11/30/18 04:40 PM #4418    


David Mitchell


That's just how I roll bro.

12/01/18 12:15 AM #4419    


David Mitchell

Just thinking back when a Republican president was basically honest, clean living, and somewhat competent.

What a concept !


George H.W. Bush - a rest well earned. 

12/01/18 09:52 AM #4420    


Michael McLeod

Yep. Sorry he had to suffer at the end there, watching someone he despised dishonor his legacy. 

12/01/18 10:38 AM #4421    


David Mitchell

And I still think Barbara was tops - in a class all by herself. 

12/01/18 01:02 PM #4422    


John Maxwell

Mark, Mike, and Brian,
My apologies for bringing up our nefarious past. I know it was a painful memory now, but I regard it as rather charming though. Kids snitching watermelons does seem relatively harmless. I do remember that the sweatshirt stand was operated by a guy from Watterson, Dave or Dan Rouche I think was his name. He used to cruise Sandy's after school in a old caddy ambulance. His creations were reflective of an artist, Big Daddy Roth. Hot Rod art was kinda popular then. Our theft of his inventory was, in a way, a tribute to that style. Greaser was too hip on those days and we were only admirers of it, hence our first real attempt at being fashionable seems sort of dark, but I remember wearing it with pride. Usually the images were airbrushed with color, but ours were just black and white, which made them rather distinctive.
We were cool.

Although I wasn't a big admirer of George H. W. Bush when he was president, after he left office and the profound dissapointment with the Clinton scandal, Bush's integrity and grace became clear. I began to admire him more. Needless to say, it fully blossomed with the coming of our current (vulgar insult goes here). May he rest in peace and may God have mercy on his soul.
One thing about politics is it's an awful profession. Considered a science, it confounds me. How can a decent men like Bush and Carter survive in that business is beyond any rationale I can fathom. It's wierd. I always thought science is driven by hard and fast rules and laws. But it's more like a mutation of logic and philosophy, than a science. I look to those of you who can explain it to me. Just doesn't make any sense. But I won't loose any sleep over it. Sooooo. I'll stop talking about it.
I hope to be able to come to Columbus for the party at Clare's, as I will be in Ohio that weekend. My final session of Natural Passages in Cleveland is that weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. It's been quite an experience. I've learned a few things and have made good friends. I will be living outdoors for three days, and will probably resemble a popcicle. The first session last October was in the middle of a snow storm, so I expect the same. Back then we had 24" of snow. Ah the lake effect. I only hope the roads are clear once I get south of Cleveland. Hold a good thougbt. Thanks.
Finally, Dave, love it when you flaunt your privilege. Us poor kids had to sneak in to the games or earn duckets through contests or from the newspaper carriers perks. Got to see the Lucas, Havlichek, Noell, Reasbeck, Gearhart team practices. I acquired a piece of Hondo's practice jersey once, still have it buried somewhere. Got caught at the Illinois football game, with Pat McGreevy and Terry Hatzo. It rained through the whole game. We found some vacant seats in B deck and settled in, when the police apprehended us. When we couldn't produce any tickets they escorted us up to C deck and made us stand up on the closed end tower, in tbe rain til the end of the game. The final score was a 10-10 tie. Then the Sheriff's deputy said to us "get out of here". So we did. Had it happened today, they'd have exacted tbeir pound of flesh. I wouldn't trade that experience for a whole season of free tickets. Peace to you all.
Love, Jack

12/01/18 01:17 PM #4423    


David Mitchell

"Some political people do lie all the time, and step over their friend to achieve the objective themselves. But I’m one who believes that one’s word of honor is about one of the most fundamentally important things there is."

G.H.W. Bush

12/01/18 03:03 PM #4424    


Mark Schweickart

Jack -- 1) You'll need to take a moment once your head has thawed from all of this outdoor male-bonding experiences you've been having, and tell us what this was all about. I am not at all clear on what the point of these sessions are. 2) I think you and Mike are correct in remembering the stolen Street-Rat items were sweatshirts, not T-shirts, as I had said. I am surprised you know the back story about the artist. Did we know that at the time (I don't think so)? In fact your post was the first I had heard of that. 3) Another way to get into St. Johns Arena and the Football Stadium, was the way myself and Ken Seminsky did, we worked as Coca-Cola vendors marching up and down the aisles. COKE HERE!!! The bad news was that we never really saw any of the games, but it was kind of cool being there. Except the very first day we did this, they still were using the old wooden crates that held a dozen glass bottles, which became rididulously heavy after awhile, and tedious. When you got a sale, you had to pour the drink into a cup, that you also carried. The glass bottle had remption value, plus, they didn't want potential projectiles lying about, in the event the game did not go as desired. Fortunately,  the very next game introduced the switch-over to prefilled cups in a lightweight aluminum tray. Yay!  Then the nemesis was the weather. As the season moved from warm September to the colder months, the only attendees  interested in a Coke were those who had brought their flasks of bourbon or rum, and wanted a mixer. Sales slumped, but you still couldn't just sit down and watch the game, so it was less than terrific.

Dave -- I will keep this brief because I know we want to minimize political discourse here, plus, I know it isn't very nice to speak ill of the recently departed. Nonetheless, just let me say, there is a lot of information about how nefarious GHW and his clan have been over the years. I book I read on the subject was by Russ Baker, who I think used to be syndicated in one of the Columbus papers back in the 70's. You may remember him as being rather levelheaded in his columns. His book is entitled, Family of Secrets. And if you go to the Amazon page for books about the Bush family, you will see Mr. Baker is far from being alone in presenting an unflattering portrait. I know, I know, there are always several crack-pot conspiracy views about whomever the subject may be these days, so one has to be judicious in evaluating the claims being made. Nonetheless, my point is, there may have been much to this former head of the CIA than we were ever aware.


12/01/18 04:37 PM #4425    


John Jackson

I’m going to side with Dave and Mike and Jack on Bush 41.  I didn’t vote for him (either time) and, like all Presidents, he had his lapses (the Willie Horton ad comes to mind), but by and large he was a decent and honorable man who did what he thought was best for the country.  And his willingness to raise taxes, while also insisting on spending cuts, helped get us out of the ruinous deficits brought on by the Reagan tax cuts and constituted a real act of political courage (which probably cost him re-election).

He was also the personification of noblesse oblige – the idea that if you’ve been given a lot, you are obligated to give a lot back - a concept sadly lacking in our increasingly income–stratified country.

I’ll resist the temptation to make any snarky comparisons between Bush 41 and the boastful, lying, insecure, and self-absorbed buffoon who is our current President other than to say I only wish we had someone like Bush 41 to lead us now.

On a final note – are we giving the Scribe of Orlando a pass on his second misspelling?  Janie, after a second offense don’t you have to sit out for a week?



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