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11/26/18 08:42 AM #4387    


Michael McLeod

Still savoring that wonderful win.

I have a sister who can't even watch the game, she gets so wired up about it.

I have to admit I kept it at a distance myself this year, then watched the second half.

Beating that team up north is always a good thing. But this - given the weirdness of the season, the torment Urban Meyer has been through, the fact that we were underdogs, the hope that our rival had that THIS would finally be the turning point, the opportunity to play the spoiler and shut down their chance at a national championship -- all those factors made this one of the sweetest wins EVAR. It's so remarkable to be living through such an unexpected stretch of dominance over a team that ruined many an afternoon for me back through that dark stretch of the seventies. They ruined a decade for us. We're ruining a century for them. 

11/26/18 10:57 AM #4388    


John Maxwell

I cannot begin to express how thankful I am that that Ohio State Buckeye footballers continued their winning streak versus the University of Michigan Wolverines. Being a Michigan alum, it of course is a bitter pill. But, having drunk the koolaid at such an early age, I'm still proud to be a Buckeye. However, I believe my loyalty is to the rivalry now that M can't hail a victory. As Harbaugh morphs into John Cooper, the whole state is losing their religion. The rivalry is in jeopardy of losing its cache. If it turns out Urban Meyer steps down because of his frail health, and the Buckeye brain trust hires the current Iowa State coach to replace him, there will be a lot of dissapointed farmers in Ames. Remember you heard it here first. The interesting thing is Purdue. Thats like the loss to the Hokies back in '13. How much of a factor that is remains to be seen. Duh. And by the by, Northwestern, aka champions of the west, are headed to Indianapolis to see if they can upset the Buckeroos dreams of global domination. I know it's just a game. Yeah a game that drives half or more of Oh io's economy, and ecology. I'm such a fan, I even have a toilet seat that says "go bucks". Now as you read this you may think me crazy. But as I said I've lived in this state since 1973, my children were born here and hell yes I went to the dreaded school up north. So, is it any wonder I sound conflicted. I expect no reply, consistant to amy other contribution I've made here. But if you'd like to weigh in be my guest. I'll take any constructive comments except "go bucks." And please send your checks to me care of Make Michigan Great Again. Lets get that rivalry back on track and bring joy back to the football orphans of Michigan.

11/26/18 12:35 PM #4389    


David Mitchell

Wether good results or bad, I am reminded of the sage words of an old confidant of mine, one Doctor Keith Groff, who offered me this thought years ago during one of those "darker" periods. He said, "Dave, remember, though many may not realize it, there really is life after the Michigan game. 

I hope I can remember that when times are not so good. 


And Jack,

How in the H did you end up going there? Is there a story here? Some dark secret you need to share with us?


And did I actually see a spelling error from our Orlando scribe?  Saints preserve us !

11/26/18 07:26 PM #4390    


Michael McLeod


You're dead to me.

Dave: NEVAR!


11/26/18 09:53 PM #4391    


John Maxwell

Simply said Michael. But I've always been dead to you. Ever since you put that party announcement with my Neil Ave. address on the doors of all the bars on High St. back in '67. Who does that? Psycho! I had every bum in Columbus, show up all night. Then, around 1:30, a whole fraternity showed up at my back door. Of course all the brothers were brothers. I learned a lot about race relations, hippies and how to deal with street people drunk and high. And I have you to thank for that. Some day I will return the favor. You didn't even stick around to see the results of you choice. I don't blame Dunn, because he would not think of such a cruel joke. But he did abet you in that little prank. I gave you a pass because i always felt sorry for you when you suffered that concussion in grade school. I always thought it made you crazy and that was why you did stuff like that. I channelled all the resentment I felt that night to my job at McDonald's where I worked for three days. I quit after three days because I got tired of smelling like a quarter pounder. Then I moved to Canton, and became a human punching bag. But I learned an honest trade and worked as a lineman before and after the Army gig. Looking back at that night you pulled your prank, it was a definitive moment in my life, a sort of self realization of who I was and what I was capable of accomplishing. You still owe me for bailing you out of more than one sticky situation on a weekend night on campus. We were pretty nuts, but you brought a whole new dimension to aberrant behavior. Fond memories from a dead man.

11/27/18 11:01 AM #4392    


Michael McLeod

Damn, Jack.

Just damn.

Hell of a long time later to apologize, but that's all I can do. 

And I've apologized enough times to know that you can't expect forgiveness. It's not a given. That's the sucky thing about apologizing. There's a certain helplessness involved.

11/27/18 12:30 PM #4393    


John Maxwell

Michael, awe, no need for apologies. Like I indicated, it was a pretty profound experience, and one that was useful later in life. Another fond memory I have from those days, was the time we hitched to Cleveland and saw the first and only, to my knowledge, NFL double header at Cleveland Municiple Stadium. Do you remember the card? The Browns vs. Packers, Frank Ryan vs. Bart Starr. And, the Vikings vs. Falcons. I remember the tickets were like 8 bucks. After the games, we stayed at the Colonial hotel on Euclid Ave. Next day we hitched to Ceder Point for a fun filled day. And who could forget our restful night at the Eerie hotel. I think it was 5 bucks a night. The pastic mattress covers were a nice touch. Dude we had a lot of fun on that trip. But if anyone should apopogise it should be me. For what ever I did to provoke you and Dave to ditch me in the country that one time. I suspected Dave was crazy when he raced that train to the crossing nearly killing us. I felt that was a needless stunt. I must have been the intolerable one..but in the end, as the sayin goes, what ever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. So, I actually should thank you and Dunn for making me strong, and not killing me. Mark and Brian, on the other hand, are another story. The friendships we formed in school have weathered the test of time. They are special memories, and as I've said before, they haunt my reverie. I still love all you guys. And that's what counts.
No, I'm not suffering from a terminal desease.

11/27/18 04:49 PM #4394    


Michael McLeod

We did do crazy stuff.

There's a wonderful Bruce Springsteen song called Bobby Jean.

And it's about a guy who hears that an old girlfriend of his from high school has moved away. 

It's very simple, just a very simple song that captures that particular time of life when you are first making friends and thinking you are immortal, and there is this line it it:

"We said that we were wild, the wildest things we'd ever seen."

And that was what we had back then: wildness. It was foolish, so many of the things we did. But then you look back on them, thinking foolishness isn't all that bad, and maybe you miss it in yourself, at least a little.

11/27/18 10:18 PM #4395    


David Mitchell

Jack and Mike,

You know, I think I must have seen "An Affair to Remember" about four times but I can't for the life of me remember this part. Were you two guys edited out of the final print?

11/28/18 12:57 AM #4396    


Janie Albright (Blank)

Not to interrupt the great discourse on crazy post Watterson escapades as I am really enjoying that but I just saw this and wanted to share. John Jackson do you remember our Junior Prom date dinner at the Kahiki? Who was with us? Dave Fredericks I’m sure and ??


11/28/18 09:34 AM #4397    


John Jackson

Hi Janie,  I remember having dinner at the Kahiki with you before the prom but my aging brain cells are drawing a blank on the rest - maybe Dave can help us out.  But wasn’t the Kahiki an exotic place back in 1965? -  a long drive from the North end of Columbus but perfect for that special occasion.

11/28/18 10:34 AM #4398    


Mark Schweickart

John & Janie,

I remember going to the Kahiki that night as well, although I am pretty sure it was after the Prom, not before. Am I wrong about that? Also I remember there were several of us Watterson folk there, but I do not remember who sat with who. I also remember that I was working at the Big Bear at Graceland at that time, and my boss scheduled me to work that night, and wouldn't relent when I whined and begged with my "But that's my Prom night" argument. Finally my mother went to see him, and suddenly I was off that night, and not fired. I guess we were still young enough to play the "I'm gonna tell Mom" card, and have it work.

Jack – Not sure how to interpret your comment about "Mark and Brian on the other hand." Was this a reference to our "Street Rat" escapade, stealing t-shirts and a watermelon after the State Fair closed? You know, that night we were caught and booted out of the park? We were supposed to be sleeping in, and guarding for the night, the pop-up camper trailers that were on display at the fairgrounds for the guy who Brian worked  for. As I recall, I think "Glid" reached under the canvas of one of the closed up concession stands, and started handing back t-shirts that had the crazy-looking rat-drawing on them and said, "Street-Rat." We quickly put these on under our regular shirt, so they would not to be noticed. Then we stole a watermelon that was just sitting out all too unprotected from another stand, and started running and lateraling it back and forth like a football. This got us noticed, and whistle blew, the watermelon was ditched, and we scattered in different directions like the street rats that we were. Everyone was caught. I was the last to enter the room, and it appeared to me that you, Mike and Brian had beeen sitting there for a few minutes. As I was being marched back to this security office, I had said to the guy who caught me hiding under a horse trailer, "It was just a watermelon that was sitting out, what's the big deal?"  I was hoping he wouldn't have had any idea about the t-shirts. When I walked into the room where you guys were sitting, I said, " So did you tell them about the watermelon?" hoping our stories would match, and nothing was known of the grand t-shirt heist. The three of you looked at me as if I were a complete idiot. I then realized that you guys had not been admitting to anything! Sorry about that. I think that watermelon admission was enough to get us booted out of he park. But we each got a free t-shirt – and something to confess (although I had given up on Catholicism by then, so I just had to live with my sin. I guess I am confessing it now.)


11/28/18 11:52 AM #4399    

Timothy Lavelle

You know, when you finally find your keys and you think, "Why the hell didn't I look there in the first place"...your relief is almost tangible. Well, for some months I have been trying to remember that polynesian restsaurant where they had such exotic fare as little deep fat fried balls of pork on long sticks. I just thought that was the best! The closest I came to the name Kahiki was "Tahiti" but that didn't ring true...thanks Janie. And Mark, I didn't recall we had each done time in the Big house...Big Bear that is. I actually remember...can u hear the angels singing Hosanna....when the Bear made the business decision to open on Sundays. (Fred: something about "blue"?) I was torn about working on the Lord's day until they mentioned in passing that we would be paid double time.  In a nod to the future it immediately became Money Day! Wow, I can finally pin my loss of faith on a part-time job at a grocery store. What a great start to my day!

Hey, December Babies...early Happy-Happy to you all. Enjoy those remaining "ahhh, sweet youth" days.

11/28/18 02:29 PM #4400    


John Maxwell

I was impressed with your recall of the great state fair caper. I laugh at that memory a lot. A few of my recollections of that evening were, as the staties hemi equipped Dodge prowler roared toward us, gently setting the watermelon on the pavement, and a vision of you hightailing it as you heaved that big spoon over the bushes. Always wondered why you took that spoon. You were gone, while Mike and I were apprehended and taken to HQ. As we sat in the processing office the desk sergeant was listening to some conservative radio program, and was telling the officer who apprehended us about how much he liked what this guy was saying about the democrats. I weighed in with some comment about how he takes everything out of context to hook people into listening to him. Pause, in walks a guy with a stuffed toy and accuses us of stealing it, when Mike states "I've never seen that before in my life!" Biting my lip, and knowing Mike's statement was indeed true, it just wasn't convincing. Then in walked Mark, who asks, "did you tell em bout the watermelon?" NO! I screamed in my head. Then the arresting officer picked me to go with him back to the scene of the crime. On the way I believed if I told the truth about the watermelon caper and our reason for being there I would somehow convince him we were just stupid and not career criminals. It worked. As we approached the area we were apprehended I saw the watermelon directly under the security light, like it was a formal dispay. I set it so carefully on the pavement. It may as well had a sign on it. We took it back to the stand we took it from and I had forgotten about the one we dropped in the process. It lay there like broken egg. "What's this?" He demanded. And don't lie. "We dropped it." I simply stated. Looking him straight in the eye. "Anything else you're not telling me?" He asked. My head spun. I stuck to my plan and said no, continuing to soak the street rat sweatshirt with the sweat pooring out of me. He asked what we were doing there, and I told him we were guarding some camping trailers in a display with a friend. I told him we were starving and had no food, so we decided to go look for something to eat. He must have decided we weren't a gang of thieves, and we were good boys who made a bad choice. We drove back to HQ and they let us go on the condition we leave the fairgrounds. We went to your house and waited for the phone to ring, figuring they were going to call our parents. The next day Brian informed us, that in our absence his display had been hit and some stuff had been stolen. Hmmmm. I'm no Sherlock Holmes but years later, I honestly suspected it was the staties who ripped them off.
Easy pickins.

Next week, jail time.

11/28/18 03:04 PM #4401    


Michael McLeod

We were stone cold gangsta, Mark. I'm surprised we let you hang with us. 

I do remember the moment very clearly when you made your confession about the watermelon. 

Never realized it was all part of your devious plan.

I also remember the cop talking fondly about the engine of that cruiser.

I had that sweatshirt for a long long time. Can still remember exactly what it looked like. 

And I never understood why they just let us go. Lazy, I'd guess. Just didn't want to deal with the paperwork.

11/28/18 10:27 PM #4402    


Michael McLeod

This is how corny we were:

11/29/18 01:35 AM #4403    


David Mitchell


Doesn't that one on the right remind you of the cutie you were with out in the parking lot at Ricardi's?


Oh darn, I wasn't supposed to tell was I?

11/29/18 09:17 AM #4404    


Lawrence Foster

With the overlap of OSU football and basketball seasons I thought you all might enjoy seeing these that I got many years ago.



11/29/18 10:59 AM #4405    


Michael McLeod

Dave: You will never catch me with "one on the right" no matter how much of a cutie she might be.

It would not work out well for either of us.


11/29/18 01:29 PM #4406    


Kathleen Wintering (Nagy)

I remember going to the Kahiki f  and I think it was for Prom; so I would have gone with Mike McLeod!  Kathy Wintering

11/29/18 02:21 PM #4407    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Forum Folks,

It seems like several have memories - or at least partial memories - of our proms. But did we not also have a winter dance, I think called a "Cotillion"? And as I recall these two dances were held both our Junior and Senior years. I have vague memories that the proms were formal (the old "white sport coat and a pink carnation" type attire) and the cotillions were suit or coat and tie for the boys. The girls wore formals for both and had to have different hair-dos.

Again, perhaps our collective memory can bring all of these events into sharper focus.


11/29/18 11:17 PM #4408    


David Mitchell

I was among the great unwashed who never made it to the Kahiki. Pretty far out of the way for us Beechwold kids.

I went to Presutti's for both proms. Junior year with Shauna from Kingston near Circleville (my second ex-wife), and Senior year with Blanche Rishe. Presutti's was our family "Dress Up" place. I will always remember Papa and Mama Presutti - he in his little formal tux, and her in her flowing big gowns. And didn't they have a piano player in the middle of the room on a little raised stage with plastic flowers cascading around the white wrought iron gazebo?

Or am I thinking of someplace else  - maybe the Jai Lai or the Clermont on South High?

(or was it Prezutti with a z?)

I went to both of our proms, but the Cotillion leaves only a vague memory. I did get asked to go to St. Mary's of the Springs prom with Jane Connor, a tall cutie from my OLP class. And I got asked to go to two "Cherry Balls" at St. Joes. One year with Susie Russeau (I.C. - former neighbor before they moved down to IC). And the next year I went to same Ball at St. Joe's with Anne Crawford (family friend) from St. Mike's. I seem to recall the St. Joe's Ball's both included sit-down dinner on site.

The next time I get asked to go to a Prom I'm gonna suggest we try Taco Bell. That way we can make a run for the border.  


Anybody remember the old Worthington Inn? I had a historic post card collection (now lost) with the "W-Inn" on the photo showing a sign out front advertising Chicken Dinners for something like $6.00. 

And gas at the Sunoco station on Indianola was .39 cents a gallon.

I tell ya' - "Kicks just keep gettin' harder to find".

11/29/18 11:28 PM #4409    


David Mitchell


I remember a few games at St. John Arena when we spotted Woody sitting in a corner near the end line of the court - down low, about 4 rows up from the floor. I seem to recall watching him standing courtside at half-time conversing with Fred Taylor a couple times. Just momentary conversations. Only saw Woody there a few times. 

As I mentioned earlier - I had priveledges around Campus that few could match (spoiled? - yup). Dad was a department head in the Med School for 43 years, so I grew up with free tickets to virtually everything!  All sports, guest speakers, (Werner Von Braun, Dr. Tom Dooley, etc.). I think I saw most sophemore and senior home games at St. John for Lucas/Havlicek/Nowell era and did not miss one game of their undefeated (until the NCAA finals) Junior year. I'll save a fun memory for later in Basketball season.  

11/30/18 12:16 AM #4410    


David Mitchell

I know we are not supposed to get political but I just want to give a shout out today for my South Carolina U.S. Senator Tim Scott. He is the South's only Black Conservative Republican. Today he showed some balls - something I find missing in most of the party I have struggled my best to claim some allegience to. (And it's getting harder to do every day.) Unfortunately, most of them have gone off and joined the Circus Clowns Union, the Klu Klux Klan, or become full time vassals of Wall Street of "Big Pharma". 

Today Senator Scott voted against one of "you-know-who's" nominees to a federal Court Judge - one Thomas Farr. Judge Farr was proven without much doubt to have been instrumental for many years of Jesse Helms' efforts to block Black voters in North Carolina. And Tim's vote (and Jeff Flake's) killed the nomination.

Thanks Senator Tim.  U da man!  

I cannot seem to load the article from USA Today but here is Senator Tim Scott. Wish we had a few more like him. He is his own man. 


11/30/18 12:26 AM #4411    


James Hamilton, M. D.


In my humble opinion there were three really great Italian restaurants that were within reasonable proximity to the Clintonville-Beechwold area when we were living there: "Presutti's Villa, Ricardo's (not to be confused with Riccardi's) and DaVinci's. All of these ORIGINALS have closed. I am sure Fred knows of others that were a bit further away but those three were my favorites. All three were Prom-Cotillion-Special Date Nite worthy places. Even that being the case, after one of those special events my date and I, along with some others, somehow ended up at Howard Johnson's enjoying fried clams.

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