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11/19/20 12:15 PM #8526    


Michael McLeod

I disagree, John.

In fact I disagree on the most important part of your post.

For me it's Bourbon. 

11/19/20 07:47 PM #8527    


Frank Ganley

This report is coming from the Snooker Emporium" at Chateau Francois; just relaxing a bit after 3 arduous days of fierce golfing battles  Bobby Curtin, Al Standish, Tom McKeon forces to defeat athletes from class of 67. I don't think anyone took any pics but all of us look great , feel great and lie. We wished everyone a happy thanksgiving and to quote Jim Valvano " never give up, never give up   NEVER GIVE UP "

11/21/20 01:55 AM #8528    


David Mitchell

I have tried to avoid politics these last few trying weeks and have a little light fun with my "Oyster Chronicles". But I am unable to keep silent tonight.


I don't think I have ever cheered for, or given any notion of praise to anything to do with MICHIGAN in my life.

But I am doing so tonight.

No, not the Wolverines of Ann Arbor, and especially not their poor coach. 

I am congradulating the group of Michigan Republican legislators who visited the white House tonight and refused - in person - to give in to Donald Trump's request to change the outcome of the Biden victory in Michigan.

Apparantly, Trump actually asked them to replace members of the Michigan electoral college delegates with people who would change the outcome of the Michigan voters in his favor.

Unbelieveable!  Inconceivable!  Outrageous!  This has reached a point where this sick, selfish, sociopath (who has absolutely shredded any remaining digniity of my Republican party) has gone way past the limits of honor and decency.  

He needs to start packing his belongings - NOW.


(and come January, when his legal immunity disappears, let the lawsuits begin! ) 


11/21/20 12:16 PM #8529    


Michael McLeod

Now you've done it Dave.

Opened your big mouth.

That subject is verboten.

So much more peaceful around here and respectful to others who may be feeling a little bitter about a touchy subject to avoid it.

You'll not see me bringing it up no sir.

Especially on a football Saturday.

Woody never said the M word out loud. Neither should you..

11/21/20 02:06 PM #8530    


James Hamilton, M. D.

The "Critter Cam" Scores Again!

Nice of him to pose for the camera! Look at that neck, he is ready for the rut!

I have had the CC out for the past few days and nights and have been surprised how much the armed buck mule deer have been active in the dark. For some reason the videos of these bucks will not load on this Forum (AVI is the video mode that the camera records). Any suggestions from our more computer savvy classmates?


11/21/20 02:19 PM #8531    


Michael McLeod

So Jim is that how the romantic term "necking" originated?

actually I haven't heard people use that expression for years. 

11/21/20 02:52 PM #8532    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Mike McL,

Probably not.

The males generate large quantities of testosterone which transform their thin, flexible necks into these huge, muscular necks over a very short period of time in the autumn so that they can lock antlers with other males for mating rights with the does. That hormorne surge also enlarges their hip and shoulder muscles and, along with those necks, they can push the weaker males out of the fight easily. The survival of the fittest at its best!

The older the buck, the larger, thicker and more "points" they get on their antlers each year. There are a couple of 8-pointers in the neighborhood this year and I observe that the young 2- and 4-pointers give them lots of room when their paths cross. The females are choosy and I watch them refuse romantic gestures from the thinner necked and weaker antlered gentlemen. If you note, there is a doe resting in the lower left hand corner of the first picture.

It is fun to watch when two of the big guys lock antlers and you can hear the distinctive clicking of their tangled sets of antlers. Unlike their larger ungulate relatives, elk, deer do not bugle. Elk do that to call their harums (or is it "hari"?). When elk do battle it is guite a sight.

With all these antlered species it is wise to avoid them, especially during rutting season, and never get in between the bucks and their does when retrieving the morning newspaper!


11/21/20 03:55 PM #8533    


Michael McLeod

sounds like a great show to watch. apart from the photo ops

11/21/20 07:22 PM #8534    


John Jackson

Mike, knowing you to be an individual of sound and discerning judgment, I paid a visit to my local adult beverage emporium to see if they had any of this “bourbon” to which you made reference a few days ago.  To my surprise and delight, they indeed had some and so I purchased a bottle and have found it to be most agreeable.

And Dave, ignore Mike's post - he has terrible judgment.  And can I suggest you add the term “crybaby” to your description of Trump as a  “sick, selfish, sociopath”.  His staff and his disgraceful enablers in Congress have suggested that our poor President needs time to “process” the fact that he has lost, rather than encouraging him to man up and accept the will of the voters, as all of his predecessors have done.

And - this just in - Biden's popular vote margin has now exceeded 6 million votes.  Add to this Biden's 306 - 232 advantage in the Electoral College  - Trump won by the exact same margin in 2016 and called it a "massive landslide victory" even though he lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction...



11/21/20 09:47 PM #8535    


David Mitchell


Sorry. My election rants aren't doing any good here.


But I will say hollywood script writers could not make this stuff up. 



11/21/20 11:06 PM #8536    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Mike McL. et al,

Is anyone out there familiar with cattle? Any deer hunters in our class?

If you are, you have probably heard of a condition called "brisket disease". Believe it or not this was briefly described to us in med school when we were studying pulmonary hypertension (PH) and its causes in humans. There are many diseases in man that can cause PH including COPD, high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and pulmonary emboli (from COVID-19 and other conditions).

In cattle high altitude can produce some elevated pressure in the circulatory system of the lungs which causes enlargement of the right side of the heart and build up of fluid in the neck veins and dilate them. The brisket of cattle is the area of the lower neck, often just above the front legs. When some animals graze at high altitudes, usually >9,000 feet, that can cause a ballooning of the brisket, a very visable bulbous lesion. The disease itself can cause heart failure and death in the bovine. To my knowledge this does not happen in deer.

As I looked more closely at the photos I put on the Forum a few posts ago, I noted that our (mule deer) buck had a cystic looking abnormality in his brisket area. From an internet search I discovered that deer can form hydrocysts in this anatomic region which can vary in size and are usually a result of trauma. Also, hydatid cysts can be seen in (at least whitetail, common in Ohio) deer from infestation with dog tapeworms. Those can br fatal to deer and if ingested by man, also may be fatal.

Just a few thoughts. I don't eat venison, elk, or other wild game, not to mention bats and monkeys! Too many risks what with prions (wasting disease) and now this.



11/22/20 01:56 AM #8537    


Michael McLeod

I'm still writing. And Dr. Jim is still diagnosing.

11/22/20 10:01 AM #8538    


Mark Schweickart

Jim -- I don't know if this is the only way to post a video here, but one way would be to first upload your video to YouTube. Then you can use the YouTube button on our site here to download it to your post.

11/22/20 11:13 AM #8539    


Michael McLeod

Still mad at you Dave. You not only used the M word. You put it in caps.

You go to your room and you think about what you did.

11/22/20 11:14 AM #8540    


Harold Clark

i have reviewd these posts, and with only 33 days left untill christmas, many of you should expecting coal

11/22/20 11:36 AM #8541    


Michael McLeod

As long as it's the "clean, clean coal" our fearless leader speaks of, I'll be only too happy, as an American patriot and global warming denier dedicated to promoting the fossil fuel industry whenever possible, to find it in my stocking.

11/22/20 11:53 AM #8542    


Harold Clark

it's as clean a coal as there is.


11/22/20 12:20 PM #8543    


Timothy Lavelle


You have to congratulate the GOP on their budgeting exercise. They are looking forward to 2024. It seems they are falling a bit short of ready cash due to a current spending spree in many states. 

After Trumpy drains every available penny he can beg borrow or steal from the party in his spoiled child foot stomping attempt to subvert American election counting, there will be roughly $12 dollars left in the party bank account. 

In a brilliant move the GOP is asking everyone to hold on to their slogan signs for the next election when, with just a touch of magic marker, advertising costs can be reduced to a minimum.

Watch for "MAKE cheekyericwink GREAT AGAIN" signs to appear everywhere as we enter the era of next election. "The Trumps. They're back and they're pissed this time."

The Trumps...'murica's greatest carnival sideshow. 

11/22/20 02:36 PM #8544    


James Hamilton, M. D.


Thanks for the info. I may look into YouTube again. 


11/22/20 09:24 PM #8545    


David Mitchell

After withdrawing my rant last night about the utterly ridiculous shenanigans going on in the Wisconsin recount, I just can't resist this.

Accordding to the legal argument that is being presented by Jim Troupis, the attorney that Trump is using in his Wisconsin election lawsuit, both Troupis and his wife's votes are illegal. He and his wife voted by "in-person absentee" ballots - the very type of ballot that he is arguing to be thrown out.

This is getting beyond comical. This is getting embarrassing.   

11/23/20 09:29 AM #8546    


John Jackson

From The Onion:

NEW YORK—Shaking their heads in amazement at their failure to see what had been staring them in the face during the entire pandemic, the nation expressed disbelief Friday that they had spent so long overlooking the obvious solution of encapsulating the mRNA instructions for a coronavirus-based spike protein in a lipid nanoparticle.

“It’s so obvious in retrospect: You create a mutated form of the spike protein for SARS-CoV-2, swap in a couple proline substitutions to trigger an immune system reaction, wrap that up in a few-nanometer-thick lipid delivery mechanism, and suddenly—wham—you’ve got an effective coronavirus vaccine,” said local bartender Sophie Litzman, one of 323 million citizens who slapped themselves in the forehead at their own total idiocy for not immediately shouting out “use a solid lipid core matrix to deliver a messenger RNA-based payload that teaches cells to churn out modified proteins to prepare the immune system for viral contact!” the moment they saw news of the novel coronavirus’s spread...

At press time, the nation had agreed that this was really a teaching moment that the simplest solution is often the right one.

11/23/20 10:28 AM #8547    


David Mitchell

now das whut I'm talkin' 'bout!

11/23/20 10:42 AM #8548    


David Mitchell

Or, as our British friends would say "I'm gobsmacked"!

11/23/20 01:04 PM #8549    


John Jackson

As the coronavirus rages, wear a mask, maintain social distance and above all…

11/23/20 01:41 PM #8550    


John Maxwell

Yep, I'm resigning. Finding out Santa, aka Harold Clark, is really a long time shill for the coal lobby and suspected child abuser, as he targets children with poisonous coal products. Enough already. How about changing the gag gift of coal to a bag of glass chards or box of copperhead snakes. Maybe a compilation of Trump speeches, on cassettes or talking rings. Not looking forward to the Empires of New York, CNBC's attempt to try to understand the why and how of Donald Trump. Oh boy! Time to scrape that off my shoe.

I toyed with the idea to climb the ladder and blow leaves off my roof, but the weather took care of it for me. Maybe there is a guardian angel looking out for me. I wish he would take another form other than the squirrel that keeps trying to comminicate with me. The other day as I was walking out to watch some films he ambushed me in my rock garden, running out from behind one of the flower pots a leaping on my leg, grasping my pants and hung on for a few steps before bailing to chase one of the chipmonks off. It was different than his usual tail wagging through the window at me. I think we're on the same wave length.

I mentioned my films. I inherited a library of incredible 16mm films. I decided to begin watching them and they are amazing. What a way to keep busy during a pandemic. There are about 200-300 films. Some feature length most 8-10 minutes. I'm logging the titles and descriptions. There are training, travel, trailers, documentary, historical, annimation, all ranging from 1890's through 1970's. One film I watched last night was called Rama, the Elephant Boy. Visually it was a documentary of a little boy from India and his elephant. He would use his elephant to help people. Scenes of him moving logs to shore up flooding roads. Helping workmen move heavy objects out of the way or recovering vehicles from flooded streams. The unusual thing about it was the sound track. It was from a movie about an ostrich hatchling named Fluffy. As I'm watching an Indian elephant move things, I'm listening to a narration about Fluffy's encounters with giraffes, and zebras. There was a strange thing that occurred. My brain tried to marry what I was hearing to what I was seeing. I did this alot for years, as I made a lot of films and videos for corporate communications during my career. This experience was hilarious. The harder my brain kept trying to make it make sense, the funnier it got. What was interesting was the length of both the visual and audio were exactly the same. Wierd! Blew my mind better than LSD.

I saw the Trial of the Chicago Seven, on Netflix. Loved it. It gave me context to the remark Mike Yarborough said to me way back when. For which I felt offended, but seeing the passion of those guys portrayed in the film and remembering my inability to adequately grasp the lessons in life, I see where Mike was coming from. His passion was well directed. But I was a bad target. I never, to my knowledge, took any life. I paid attention in relegion class. Including the fifth commandment. In fact I saved lives, for which I received the Army Commendation Medal. I left the Army better than I found it. But I never talk about it, for a reason. Like my relegion, it's a deeply personal situation, that is nobody's damned business.

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