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04/06/20 12:40 PM #7149    


Michael McLeod

Now I'm sorry I brought this up since it just gave the smart kids a chance to show off their straight A's.

Seriously I really struggled in school and I likely would have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder these days. 

Don't know if anybody else does this but one of my ongoing fantasies is to go back and do it all over again as a totally ideal kid and grownup.

I am in the middle now of writing a story about how people are getting through this crazy thing. Found a lovely  story about a woman whose neighbors serenaded her -- staying six feet apart -- with a candelight procession to her front yard to sing hymns after her husband died. 

Another - this made national news - about a nurse who is living apart from his wife and children because he doesn't want to risk infecting them if he gets it.

04/06/20 02:44 PM #7150    


Janie Albright (Blank)

Yes, Sr. Michelle for Freshman English! I loved her. I also loved Mr. Mannion's class. I remember we all subscribed to Newsweek a habit I continued til It went under. We had a special session daily on current events during the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

04/06/20 04:13 PM #7151    


David Mitchell

Can someone refresh my memory here?

Do I recall correctly that one of our printed reunion programs (maybe 15tth or 20th ??) contained some follow-up histories of a few of the faculty members? 

I seem to recall a mention of Sister Cecily in that reunion booklet. 

(We boys often made suggestive remarks behind her back about being too cute to be wearring a "habit") 

As I recall, the booklet explained that she had left the "Order", gotten married, and had several kids. And then died of cancer!  

If I have that correct, how tragic! 


I also seem to recall that little Father Van Horn (with whom I got into a nasty, raging yelling match in Junior Religion one day), also left the "Order" and married, and had a bunch of kids.


And of course I shared (on this forum about a year or two ago) my wonderful small-world story of meeting a certain Jane Gordon (Sister Frederick) at my parents block party years later. 

04/07/20 09:02 AM #7152    


Michael Boulware

Hey Mike McLeod! Al Morse and I always teased each other about the lowest performing Freshmen were located in homerooms closest to Sandy's. We think they wanted us to get cught sneaking out for a shake and a burger. Al and I figured the administration could expell us and bolster the overall GPA and IQ average for our class. We never had the courage as frosh. 

I response to Dave; John Harmony Shevlin was a bright man and could have taught us a lot if we let him. He died in a fire at his home. I always felt guilty about the way we treated him.

04/07/20 01:03 PM #7153    


Mary Margaret Clark (Schultheis)

04/07/20 03:15 PM #7154    


Mark Schweickart

Dave's comments about Father Van Horne reminded me of my own (decidedly quieter) encounter with this character from our past. If you missed it, some years back I posted a piece about our senior-year religion class with Fr. Van Horne in the Class Showcase section. Scroll down past Dr. Jim's photos of the Thunderbird Jets flying in formation, and mine is the next posting. After the longer section about Father Van Horne, I also added two shorter descriptions of Father Arcuro and Father Reilly, but I used a rather tarnishing brush, so I changed their names. (In fact I am not even sure if their real names were Arcuro or Arcuri, and Reilly or O'Reilly, not that it much matters). If I was being decidedly unfair in my reminicences, let me know. Lord knows, my memory is far from razor sharp. Also, since the O'Reilly story is about comments he made in the girls' religion class, obviously this had to have come from second-hand information, so I have no way of knowing if it were true or not. But often vignettes in my memoir were fictionalized a bit. I was not a stickler for historical accuracy, and generally opted for what I thought made a good story. Nonetheless, I do think these particular vignettes about these three priests did happen the way I remember them. As I said, let me know if I am wrong about any of this. And, Dan Cody, don't try to tell me Van Horne didn't threaten to throw you out of the window. I know that I did not dream that up.

04/07/20 04:57 PM #7155    


David Mitchell


My recollection of Fr. Arccuri is a bit vague except that that he was a weird guy. 


But Father O'Reilly is a realy unpleasent memory - not from any Religion class, but from Junior (or maybe senior?) History (or was it P.O.D.?)

I spoke of this before on the Forum. Tess (Warrick) McKeon and I sat together in the front row, center - right under his podium, and had to put up with the strong smell of alcohol on his breath, along with his unshaved, unbottoned roman colllar - and his very condescending demeanor.

Tess and I both disagreed with his opinions - OFTEN - and let him know it - OFTEN!

He would stop, roll his eyes at us, and take our question, then go on. It was kind of a running battle with him at all times.

I heard he got assigned to St. Joseph's in Circleville. God only knows what they did to deserve him!



I should point out - My yelling match with Fr.Van Horn ended with the class bell, and the two of us walking down the hallway together, arm in arm, laughing together.

04/07/20 07:34 PM #7156    


Rita Del Corso (Cenname)

Mary Margaret, I loved seeing the band!  Thank you so much for posting that.  Lifted me up!  I hope everyone is staying in and staying safe.  

04/07/20 11:37 PM #7157    


David Mitchell

Wow! Rita! 

Set yourself down and stay a spell !



04/07/20 11:50 PM #7158    


David Mitchell

John Prine just went on to his rest after a battle with the Corona virus. 

He wrote one of my all-time favorite songs - Angels From Montgomery

R.I.P.  John Prine

(with all due respect, Bonnie Raitt, John Denver, and a few others give it better tone, so here he is with Bonnie - years ago.  He had lately become a diminished old man with a strange butch haircut)

"Just give me one thing that I can hold onto"


04/08/20 08:33 AM #7159    


Michael McLeod

  I had no idea he was such a devout believer.

04/08/20 11:34 AM #7160    

Daniel Cody

Mark I remember it well.  If you will recall it invoved VanHorn aka Bugsy from his Camp St Joseph counselor days.  You surreptitiously  asked me about the identity of an odor permenting our area.  You said it smelled like male reproductive fluid. I merely asked how you knew what it smelled like.  Laughter ensued and Van Horn demanded an explanation as to our outburst.  He approached the inquiry like a Dominican friar in Spain.  He then made the threat to cast me from the senior wing windows.  You will also recall that I didn't give you up.  Truly a senior year classic.

04/08/20 11:50 AM #7161    


Sheila McCarthy (Gardner)

Dave: John Prine ... diminished old man? With all due respect, I don't think so ... from today's obituary in the New York Times: 

"In 2019, he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and his album “Tree of Forgiveness” was nominated for a Grammy, for best Americana album. It was his 19th album and his first of original material in more than a decade. Mr. Prine went on tour in 2018 to promote “Tree of Forgiveness,” and after a two-night stand at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville — known there as the mother church of country music — Margaret Renkl, a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, wrote, under the headline “American Oracle”“The mother church of country music, where the seats are scratched-up pews and the windows are stained glass, is the place where the new John Prine — older now, scarred by cancer surgeries, his voice deeper and full of gravel — is most clearly still the old John Prine: mischievous, delighting in tomfoolery, but also worried about the world.”

I might point out, at 73, he is only a year or two older than we are, If this is "diminished," bring it on!  

04/08/20 12:09 PM #7162    


David Mitchell


Thanks for pointing out my misleading choice of adjectives. I was referring to his physical health and matured appearance - so different from the days when he first recorded that song. 


Added later; POP QUIZ - anybody remember who Bonnie Raitt's (famous) dad was?

04/08/20 05:39 PM #7163    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Most individuals have been maintaining the correct Social Distancing recommendations. yes


But there are always those who refuse to do so. no


04/08/20 10:27 PM #7164    


Timothy Lavelle

"There's nothing like a little tomato soup to sooth the soul.

Even if it's cold.

Over ice.

With a celery stalk.

And vodka."


04/09/20 12:32 PM #7165    


David Mitchell


Do you think maybe they thougth it was "cloven" virus?

04/09/20 01:07 PM #7166    


Mary Margaret Clark (Schultheis)

I have been talking to Beth during these last several weeks of the "stay-at-home" mandate.  I was initially very curious to know what her son, Nick was sharing with her about COVID-19.  Nick (since his college days, he has chosen to go by his first name, Holt) is a very well-respected critical care doctor at the University of Pittsbugh Medical Center Mercy who had trained as an emergency physician.  Just a few days ago she decided to share with me a segment of a PBS NEWSHOUR filmed in June, 2019.  In this very prophetic series on influenza and pandemics, Nick is featured for saving the life of a young girl stricken down with an unknown virus in 2014.  I talked to Beth this morning and I asked if she would mind if I shared the video on the Message Forum as well as excerpts from the book, INFLUENZA, in which this story is documented.  She was concerned about it being boastful of her son's great accomplishments, but I was able to persuade her that given its very timely subject matter, it begged to be shared.  

Have blessed Holy Thursday, everyone.

04/09/20 02:02 PM #7167    


Joseph D. McCarthy

Just thought I would give a little bit of good news.

Recently I corresponded with Donna (Kelley) Velazquez.  She and her husband Julio are fine.  Going out for groceries only, she didn't say if that included Sangria.  Their lockdown was just extended for another month at least.  A niece and two friends are recovering fro Covid-19; and after a month are still suffering severe headaches.  Best wishes to Donna and Julio.

Also, just got off the phone with Richard (Dick) McNamara.  He and his wife Janey are doing their best under the circumstances.  Janey has been on oxygen for at least a year so I called to see how this was affecting them.  Dick still operates his Machine business.


04/09/20 03:10 PM #7168    


James Hamilton, M. D.


 Beth's son is not only an extremely skilled and dedicated physician, but also a very caring one. ECMO is, indeed, a heroic and last ditch therapeutic option and Autumn was very fortunate to have landed in the care of Dr. Murray who pursued that option, even to the point of accompanying her to where it could be "replumbed". During this current pandemic I have neither read nor heard of any patients being put on ECMO, probably because of the high numbers of them in the hospitals. In very busy centers COVID-19 has created an almost "MasCal" senario wherein patients are triaged to various levels of care. Autumn would have eventually ended up in the "Expectant" category, meaning expected to die and given only comfort measures. 



Clovenvirus, HA, HA! Let's hope that non-entity never becomes a reality and is transmissible to humans. My backyard could be Ground Zero! Some deer already have a tick problem and some of those little ticks carry Lyme Disease. At least there is good treatment for that, if given in the early stages. 



04/09/20 05:01 PM #7169    


John Jackson

Really impressive story about Nick Murray –  hats off to him and to his (more than modest) mom!  Not to bask in his reflected  glory, but I knew Nick during his growing up years as Beth lived just a few miles from us  in central NJ.  Local NJ boy makes good - and then some!

04/09/20 06:42 PM #7170    


David Mitchell

Wow Beth,

Now THAT  is Heroism!  


Thanks for letting Mary Margaret share it with us.


(and how the heck are you?  long time, no post)

04/09/20 06:50 PM #7171    


David Mitchell

I hear there is a run on celery stalks in Mossyrock.

04/10/20 12:51 AM #7172    


David Barbour

NYT- Good editorial and a Krugmsn column.


This is important stuff to consider!


04/10/20 05:30 AM #7173    


Donna Kelley (Velazquez)

MM, thanks for convincing Beth to share the story of Nick's accomplishments.  You have so many reasons to be proud of him, Beth. 

Many thanks to Joe and everyone for checking on us via email, FB, WA and messages on this site.  It means a lot to be in contact these days.  On Sunday we had a Kelley clan Zoom chat with 30 participants (aged 6 months to 80 yrs old).  It was such fun and so important for all of us to "be together" during these difficult times. 

May all of you and your loved ones keep safe. Stay in, stay well.   Happy Easter.

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