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01/19/19 05:17 PM #4617    


David Mitchell


How about "cheeseburgersaurus" ?


 ("....s R us")

01/19/19 09:18 PM #4618    


Mark Schweickart

Mike -- Obviously I am in the minority when it comes to Roma, but you have got to admit that it doesn't build like a normal story would. It is, as you say, more of a fly on the wall experience. But would one really want to watch security camera tapes and call that a Best Picture fillm experience. Okay, okay, that was a cheap shot. It was clearly a lot better than that. I just didn't get very involved in what little story there was, and felt let down probaably because of all of the Best Picture hype.

01/19/19 10:11 PM #4619    


Janie Albright (Blank)

01/19/19 11:14 PM #4620    


David Mitchell



Janie is hanging out in a new time zone and it appears she has way too much time on her hands. 


01/20/19 12:12 AM #4621    

Mary Clare Hummer (Bauer)

Mike, I was still getting past the image of you karaokeing (?) your way through “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and then you serve up the emotional support alligator. Good laughs.  My Uncle Mike lived in Port St. Lucie and had a gator in the canal out back. He named him “Earl” after my Dad!  Have to agree with Mark on the whole “Roma” thing and David B. on the Gilette commercial and Tim on the margarita!  


01/20/19 08:04 AM #4622    


Donna Kelley (Velazquez)

Something strange happened in the new year and all the BWHS communications have been landing in my Spam tray.  No respect at all!!  Hopefully by re-entering my log in info you will all be once again front and center in my IN tray where you belong.  I have just overdosed on two pages of entries and must now go have a glass of vino to digest it all.wink  

I had promised to get back to you with my (tentative) dates for a Columbus visit since I am hitching a ride to Detroit with Beth to join the caravan of Eagle bumper sticker cars heading that way.  I have a mini Ohio Dominican reunion (my nuns class of ´66) from September 9-12th so after the 13th would be great for me.  I will probably arrive in the US around Sept 5th (no tickets bought yet) and will stay for  2 1/2- 3 weeks.  Jack, how long do you think Detroit could put up with this group? A couple of days max?





01/20/19 11:08 AM #4623    


Michael McLeod

Mark, I hear you on Roma. I was just impressed with the effort. I would compare it to some of the concerts I go to. We have a lot of friends who are classical musicians and I am always amazed at their skills. That doesn't mean I will ever like or understand Gustav Mahler's music.

01/20/19 11:27 AM #4624    


David Mitchell

Whoa! Welcome back Donna!

 I was afraid we had lost you - or put you to sleep.

01/20/19 11:52 AM #4625    


David Mitchell

I missed two of the films everybody is talking about - Bohemian Rhapsody, and Star is Born (#3). From my limited perspective, ther is an awful lot of noise about "Star is Born" and "Vice". My sentimental favorite would be Green Book (saw it twice and would love to see it again). And I think both actors could take the Best Actor and Best Supporting. Rarely have I seen such perfect casting in two "opposites" since maybe In the Heat of the Night (1967) with Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier (both brilliant and an all-time favorite).

But I also think Christian Bale is so brilliant in Vice that he mayl walk away with it - though it upsets me to think that would be the script that wins it all. HIs makeup, acting, and even voice are frighteningly real.

Having said all that, the buzz around "Star is Born" and both actors (Cooper and Gaga) is getting louder and louder. Wish I had seen it.

And a vote for each of the two young ladies in Mary Queen of Scots - both are brilliant!


Regarding the topic of films, there is another item I stumbled across that is noteworthy. I beleive this played for a few days in art houses in December, and I mised it, but one can see a few clips and hear interviews about it on You Tube. A British director, or film maker, has been granted access to gobbs of old black and white film footage of World War I in British archives. He spent 4 years colorizing the films, and then gathered a team of lip reading experts to add voices. For those of us who have grown up in a world where all that was black and white and silent, these film clips are absolutely breathtaking!

Check this out. 

01/20/19 12:29 PM #4626    

Timothy Lavelle

Hey Frank,

Last night SNL had on Greta Van Fleet. Never heard of them. Normally these years, I find something else to do when the musical part of the show comes on. Since you are a band person, I bring to your attn these cats for some really solid rock n roll. For me the lead was reminiscent of LZ. Might have been the after effects of a new bong....

I now have a new way of knowing if I have gotten seriously old. Like any of us neded a reminder, huh? But, if someone ever says to me, "Rock and..." with an expectant smile, and I can't manage to burble out "Rolllllllll" it'll be time for the home!

01/20/19 12:35 PM #4627    


Mark Schweickart


Dave -- I assume you were being tongue-in-cheek when you mention that this WWI rstoration, colorization, annd sound recreation was done by some "British director" or other – as if New Zealander Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rngs fame is some sort of nobody. Anyway, thanks for reminding us all to be on the lookout for this film. I think it had a minimal release in December but is supposed to go wide in February. I hope so, because this looks to be fascinating.

Here's a youtube clip of Peter Jackson being interviewed about the process. (Don't worry, even though the opening still frame is the same as the one used in Dave's clip, this is a different one):

01/20/19 01:27 PM #4628    


Michael McLeod

Always nice to see you pop up, Donna.

Saw Jessica briefly at Christmas and she is now in Beijing, on the ground floor of a new digital teaching program that a multinational Chinese company called VIP Kids is starting up. The Chinese are quite intent on creating a generation that speaks English. Jessica is living in an apartment in the city, routinely wearing a mask when she goes out because of the pollution that people just take for granted over there. She is already speaking and writing in Chinese herself. She astonishes me. Spanish, German, French, now Chinese. She picks up languages the way I buy pants.




01/20/19 01:44 PM #4629    


Donna Kelley (Velazquez)

Jessica is a very special young woman, Michael. The world needs more people like her!

We were really happy to meet her and Denise here and are always happy to hear from them. Your analogy is a good one--she does seem to pick languages in all the colors available.

01/20/19 01:47 PM #4630    


Kathleen Wintering (Nagy)

 January 20, 2019 I am with Jane on enjoying  the Watterson 1966 Website! Don`t always have much to contribute, but love to see so many people stopping by! Kathy Wintering Nagy

01/20/19 05:05 PM #4631    


David Mitchell


Thanks for correcting my ignorance about director Peter Jackson from New Zealand.


As a member of the great unwashedI, I  have never seen, nor even followed the "Lord of the Rings" series. Mostly because I spend so much of my free time on the far side of the planet Neptune, where I keep a summer cottage. I try to hide this fact from the public because I know it will probably be reason to be audited by the IRS, questioned by Homeland Security, or forced to relinquish my membership card as a Kreske's "gold shopper". 

My fault. My fault. My most greviuos fault!

* (but thansk to "Green Book", at least now I know who Viggo Mortensen is)

And thanks also for the mention of a February release of the film. I did not know that, and am delighted to know that I may have an opportunity to see it. 

01/20/19 09:18 PM #4632    


David Mitchell

The printed word can be easily misunderstood. There is no voice inflection, hand gesture, or eye contact. And my frequent use of sarcasm is often misunderstood. 

I should be more careful.


Sorry Kathy, Janie, anybody.


01/20/19 11:56 PM #4633    

Timothy Lavelle

Did you miss it?

Just in case you did, I took this amazing shot of the total eclipse. As you can see I am deeply into my new hobby of astrophotography although I admit I first thought it involved the Jetson's dog. Please don't stare at this too long. It can cause night blindness. I'm sure Jim will suport me on that.  


01/21/19 12:25 AM #4634    


Janie Albright (Blank)

Eclipse party on the roof tonight in Puerto Vallarta!


01/21/19 03:53 AM #4635    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Tim, Photography Rule #1: Remove lens cap.

Janie, Photography Rule #2: Any celestial event is a good excuse to party.
(Tim would probably agree with that one.)

To self, Photography Rule #3: Don't fall asleep in chair during
lunar eclipse.

Thought for the night: If you were on the moon then you just experienced a solar eclipse.


01/21/19 10:57 AM #4636    


Mark Schweickart

Dave -- I too am no follower of The Lord of the Rings movies, although I did see the first one. But if there is anyone who knows what can be done with movie effects, it's Peter Jackson' and his team in New Zealand. It is nice to see him putting his wizardry to better effect (pun intended) with this WWI project. As for the release date in February, that is something I read on-line, I hope it's true.

01/21/19 11:05 AM #4637    


Michael McLeod

Good thinking, Jim. At this rate we're going to make a great photojournalist out of you in no time. It's all about what we in the news biz call photo ops. I like your hustle, Jim. You show a lot of promise. Now, next time around, as a followup to your shrewd observation above, I'm assigning you to provide us with a photo of the eclipse from the moon's point of view. Attaboy!

01/21/19 11:07 AM #4638    


John Maxwell

Nice photo Tim. Such emotion. Amazing colors. Did you use a camera?

01/21/19 11:55 AM #4639    


Bonnie Jonas (Jonas-Boggioni)

I know I have been remiss in actually writing in the forum, but I wanted to let you all know that I AM getting better...just not as rapidly as I had hoped!  My counts are excellent, and my last biopsy showed 100% donor cells!  I told my doc, "I have a 29 year old butt!"  He laughed - I don't think he knows what to do with me!

But I also wanted to mention that I have been watching Pride & Prejudice on PBS (episode 2).  We are up to the point of Collins proposal.  Did any of you know that BWHS is creating a theatrical "hall of fame?"  I was thinking that Poppa (Mike McLeod) with his journalistic skills could submit us!  Regulars to the forum - Jack, Dave, Mike, etc. can voice their opinions!  (Hey, it beats politics!)


01/21/19 01:24 PM #4640    


David Mitchell

My Dear Miss Elizabeth,

"I cannnot abide the countyside. One moves in such,,, mmm,, limited company."


But as for your close friend Bonnie, 


Whoo Hoo! Great news girl!

01/21/19 01:24 PM #4641    

Mary Clare Hummer (Bauer)

Such great news, Bonnie. Hope each day brings another cause for celebration. Hope all who got snowed on this weekend are warm and toasty. Looks like you got slammed in Chicago, Kathy and probably Dave F & Jack in Michigan. We had all sorts of dire predictions for Ohio but it was all pretty calm in Columbus. Francene? David B,? Danny? Weather forecasters have a great gig!!  


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