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11/16/18 11:01 AM #4334    


Michael McLeod


If I may be so bold:

what about the shingles vaccine?

11/16/18 04:00 PM #4335    


James Hamilton, M. D.


That's not being bold, but rather is a good question.

As you may be aware there are two shingles vaccines available: Zostavax, a live-attenuated vaccine approved in 2006 and the new one, Shingrix, an adjuvanted, recombinant vaccine approved in 2017. The live-attenuated vaccine cannot be given to patients with compromised immune systems.

Zostavax is a one shot vaccine whereas Shingrix is administered in two doses at day 0 and then again 2-6 months later. The efficacy of Zostavax is age dependent in that if given in the 50's it is about 70% effective and declines to 41% if given in the 70's, 18% in the 80's. Shingrix's efficacy is 97%, 91% and 91% in those three age groups. However, the duration of Shingrix's protection is unknown but data suggest it will last for at least 9 years. Patients who have received Zostrix in the past can also receive Shingrix.

The main problem with Shingrix is that it causes a higher incidence of side effects than does Zostrix. These include constitutional symptoms such as fever (21%), headache (38%), GI symptoms (17%), muscle aches (45%), fatigue (45%), and shivering (27%) as well as localized effects of injection site pain (78%), redness (38%) and swelling (26%). Due to these effects some patients decide not to get the second dose which decreases its protection.

The American Committee on Immunization Practices recommends that healthy adults >50 years of age receive Shingrix.




11/16/18 05:35 PM #4336    


Janie Albright (Blank)

I had the Zostavax at age 63. Right as I turned 68 I had a very mild case of Shingles. Another friend in this class had them about the same time but hers was a severe case with many outbreaks over several months. She had not had the vaccine. I feel strongly that the vaccine reduced the seriousness of my case. Now my doctor wants me to go ahead with the Shingrix and although I am willing to do it so far cvs and walgreens have been out of it.  I understand about 1/3 of the adult population will get shingles in their lifetime at least once  so I highly recommend getting inoculated. 



11/16/18 08:44 PM #4337    


David Mitchell

Cha ching!

I think Dr. Jim just paid for this entire 4300 odd posts with that last bit of medical advice.  You should send a bill to the class in the mail Jim. 

I only wish I had heard this a few years ago, before I got a nasty case of it. Came and went randomly - based, I think on the whims of some little man hiding in some secret, remote booth, who flipped a switch when the mood struck him and I went from perfect painless calm to "Zowie Geez, OMG that really hurts like hell man!" - and then off again a while later. 


Great to hear from Joe G.

Joe, I bet you could fill a mile of this Forum with some tales of your interesting work for the State of Ohio. (And sorry you weren't at the guys "secret lunch" last month.) 


* I bet a lot of you could share some more interesting stuff if you would just take a few minutes and try. This here is an "equal opportunity" story tellers, corner store gatherin 'round the stove.   


11/16/18 08:50 PM #4338    


David Mitchell

Speaking OF THE State of  O-HI-O

This news is kinda fun - Boy, do I have some memories from that place.

(Clare, Call Denny Meadors and go find some tickets?)




By Kevin Harrish on November 16, 2018 at 2:16 pm 
The calm before the storm

Ohio State Athletics

The Buckeyes' return to historic St. John Arena will be met with a capacity crowd as the Nov. 23 game against Cleveland State is officially sold out, Ohio State announced on Friday.

The team returns to the historic venue for the first time since 2010, and this marks the first sellout in St. John Arena since March 24, 2008 – an NIT game against California.

Since the Buckeyes moved to the nearby Schottenstein Center as their official home court, they're a perfect 5-0 in games played in St. John Arena, and they'll look to improve upon that record against the Vikings.

Ohio State is an undefeated 3-0 on the season with road wins against 2018 NCAA Tournament teams Cincinnati and Creighton.

With the team off to a hot start and playing in a beloved arena for the first time in nearly eight years in front of a sold out crowd, I think it's safe to expect St. John to be rocking.

11/17/18 11:31 AM #4339    


Michael McLeod

Yikes. Thanks for the advice about that shot with the creepy aftereffects Doc J. And good to hear from Joe G. 


11/17/18 12:51 PM #4340    


Timothy Lavelle


What do Ohio State football and the Democratic party have in common?

11/17/18 01:39 PM #4341    


Mark Schweickart

Gee, Tim, I'll bite, what do they have in common?

This is for Mike, who being the Florida swamper that he is, and is used to being up to his ass in alligators, and no doubts gets tired of non-Floridians asking, "How do you tell an alligator from a crocodile?" Mike, your answer (unless this is an old joke that I, for some reason never heard before, and therefore you'd be embarrassed to repeat), Mike, your answer to that query is: "You can tell the difference depending on whether the one you notice gliding by in the distance sees you later or in a while."

Where's that rim-shot, when you need it?

11/17/18 02:56 PM #4342    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Tim, saddens me to say it, since I am a Buckeye fan, but here goes: scandal? 😱


11/17/18 04:44 PM #4343    


Timothy Lavelle


Good answer. Mark's joke was better than mine. My joke was an experiment to see how people would answer. I think I'll wait and see if there are more guesses. Maybe offer a food at a house in Arlington in December.

John Jackson. Bull. Hummer. Nolan. Why are the Dems like the Buckeyes?  

11/17/18 04:55 PM #4344    


James Hamilton, M. D.

In the Court of Common Sense:


Mr. Timothy Labella, Esq.: "Your Honor, I OBJECT!"

The Hon. Mary Jane Banks, Judge: "You object? To what, your own question in Post #4340?"

Mr. Labella: "No, your Honor, to the witness' response in Post #4342."

Judge Banks: "It sounded like an honest and forthright answer to this Court."

Mr. Labella: "It was a politically charged, right wing statement!"

Judge Banks: "Mr. Gandy?"

Mr. Franklin Gandy, Esq.: "Your Honor, the prosecution brought up the subject of politics by using the word "Democratic".

Mr. Labella: "It was a harmless joke, your Honor"

Mr. Gandy: "With political overtones."

Judge Banks: "Gentlemen, gentlemen! I am calling a recess for ten minutes during which I will see both of you in my chambers."

Mr. Gandy: "Yes, your Honor."

Mr. Labella: "Yes, Sr. Mary... er.., pardon me, I mean your Honor."

Judge Banks: "The jury will retire to the Jury Room and will be called back when the next witness is available. This court stands in recess."

11/17/18 07:05 PM #4345    

Mary Clare Hummer (Bauer)

Hey, Tim. Here’s an answer with a bit of a nod to both sides. The Buckeyes & the Dems both have no defense against inferior opponents. Anything like you envisioned??


11/17/18 07:38 PM #4346    


Fred Clem


In response to # 4340, they frequently let us down?

11/17/18 10:25 PM #4347    


David Mitchell


Didn't Woody once say, "they put their pants on the same way - one leg at a time." Or was that Bo?


Nah!  I think you've got something more clever than that in store for us.  

11/18/18 08:11 AM #4348    


Lawrence Foster

Back in the Courtroom.

Your Honor, I would like to amend the question posed in post #4343 where it was asked why are Dems like the Buckeyes.  It is not as inclusive as it could possibly be and by broadening it the answer could be clearer. 

Besides Democrats and Buckeyes we could include Republicans, Libertarians, Greeners, and other political parties including Communists, etc.  What all those groups have in common is that they are all nuts.  Now whether or not all of them are hairless nuts is up to the jury to decide.  Thank you for considering my request, Your Honor. 

I now retrun control of your computer screen to you.


11/18/18 09:45 AM #4349    


Michael McLeod

Perfect, Mary Clare. 

11/18/18 11:13 AM #4350    


John Jackson

Mary Clare said it best.

11/18/18 01:13 PM #4351    


John Maxwell

Tim, 4340 albeit ridiculous, I'll bite. Is it that they're mythically detested by their primary rivals to extremes? Or were they both begun the same year in history?
Jim, country, according to my sources, has never been cool. Jazz is cool. Country is wholesome. "I hear the train a comin'."
Is it snowing anywhere other than Michigan? It's been snowing all week. After blowing, raking and mulching my usual three tons of leaves, I feel happy that I won't have to do that for awhile. Made it through the season without throwing out my back. I wear my brace, and it works. Now I have to hook up my blower to my tractor and tackle the record levels of snow predicted this winter. I have some salt left over from last winter so that's not going to be a problem for awhile. The local DNR has outlawed feeding the deer, because of the poaching. The herds are so big, that the diseases are becoming a problem. Lots of fleas, ticks and other microbial maladies have the health department aflutter. The herd roams the burbs and the proximity to large numbers of people has health officials concerned. I have friends who suffer from Lyme disease and it's no picnic. So, what to do?
I certainly do not want to break the law, but at the same time I hate seeing the herd foraging for so little in the icy climes. It is a conundrum. But, they survived so far without me. Life finds a way. Hope you all are hale and hearty and planning a great Thanksgiving. Of course after the Bucks thrash the Wolverines. Should be a good game. This week the sportscasters up here are feasting on the rivalry. It's great. They are replaying all the losses this week with an eye toward revenge. With the narrow escape from the rarified air of Maryland nearly suffocating the Buck's season, blue fans are encouraged. Game on! Good luck.

11/18/18 01:48 PM #4352    


Michael McLeod

Dave: the quote in question that you mention above is not Woody's. It is ascribed, in Ohio State lore, to Francis Schmidt, who was hired as football coach in 1934 and told his team, which up until his arrival had been beaten on a regularl basis by that team up north: "They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you."

11/18/18 01:51 PM #4353    


Michael McLeod


Here's mine.



They are both in favor of a level playing field. 

11/18/18 02:06 PM #4354    


Timothy Lavelle

Clare, your reply was fabulous but I think the fact that you dated both Mike and John at WHS has to be taken into account here. To keep your feet on the ground...I think Hilary was once called "perfect".

Jim, the courtroom scene was really funny. Labella and Gandy, indeed. Both you and Fred saw what I was going for but I sense an evil smirk from both of you. I, of couse, am faultless...

There are scores of comparisons, when your favored teams let you down. I am certainly a fair-weather friend in this instance. 

Ohio State has a lengthy history of great football and based only on that history, currently accepts an overrated position in the face of the fact that half the teams in the SEC would hand them their asses in a basket. The Dems truly believe they have the numbers and thus they fail to focus, plan, or even acknowledge afterwards that they have been Trumped. The Martian Party could have taken the House, and you know that.

Both groups share a motto: "Fake it til you make it"

Each has invested heavily in Centers of Adequacy

Incredibly, both groups share the motto "It's enough to just show up"

Before each major contest each refers to their opponents as "The Inferiors"

Afterwards, they share a similar view, "Wow!"

Each answered my survey, when asked what their theme song is with the following: "I think I can Fly".

Each received the very same results in an after-the-fact analysis. "You can't fly" which came as a surprise to both groups.

I abound in sarcasm. It's a very easy job and I don't have to break a sweat.


11/18/18 03:45 PM #4355    


David Mitchell


Very interesting answer(s). Although I should take issue with your second and third lines from the bottom - I have to confess, even helicopters can't really fly. (Sorry I have been deceiving you all this whole time). They are actually just a bunch of spare parts beating their way through the air in a nice, tight formation. 

Great old GOP vs. Dem story; I remember hearing Bill MIller (Goldwater's running mate) admitting in an interview (years later) that they had once locked Nelson Rockefeller's pilot crew in a bathroom at some rural airpot so he could (NOT) make his flight to appear at a campaign rally. I guess now that's child's play compared to the Cyber mischief that is going on out there in the "ether".


Bucks need a wake up call before this Saturday. That "Terps" QB  should have hit his (wide open) TE in the end zone for 2 points. We dodged a bullet there! Something's missing on this team. Sports anaysts hint that the early season "Urban distraction" is syill hanging over the team. Lack of focus on the Defense. Maybe we need Bonnie to call Earl and give him a piece of her mind. 

Yup, that ought'a do it!

11/18/18 03:47 PM #4356    


David Mitchell


I feel ya man. It's all the way down to 62 here today. Too rainy to sit out on the dock. Ain't life a bitch?

11/19/18 10:12 AM #4357    


Frank Ganley

I am a huge country fan!!!!!!!  In and around 75 or so i hated country music and even if i was in your car i would just turn that crap off. What changed was a company that i went to work for was headquartered in Nashville. First time there i asked any way to get an opry ticket, i was laughed at and called a yankee boy as i did not know you just can’t get a ticket to the oprey , you had to have ordered them months ago. Many people plan their vacations to nashville as to when their favorite artist was in town. A little background on the oprey, it started in the rymen theatre which started out as a church. Still the seats are pews. It is only open on friday and saturday night. It is live. Headliners are booked month in advance  , if you are a member of the oprey and in town you’ll be playing that weekend. The playbill is still printed on church bulletin paper and no one knows whose the supporting players till thursday. The company manages to get some tickets for 5 of us. I sat next to a guy from texas who is telling me the history who is playing and how it all works. I saw them all but the main star was marty robbins. He is on a few times during the show and closes. As i said its live. Marty is singin and playin away when they announce good night everybody but marty was having none of that and told the emcee he is playin till he says he’s done. It was tremendous. While listening to all of the bands etc i was washed in the blood of country music. Now jazz i guess is cool but i don’t get it. A friend went to take a guitar lesson and the instructor had him play a few scales . He said if you make no mistakes that music , if put a twang it country but if you play a wrong note and repeat it thats called jazz. For those jazz fans please explain, how it makes sense and then explain myles to us all. 


11/19/18 12:29 PM #4358    


Timothy Lavelle


The first requisite for enjoying country music is an IQ below 75. Except for my lovely, who would happily go ten rounds with Ms. Kidman if the outcome was a warmish evening with that Urban blight, Keith.

So, Jazz. You are a musician, I am not. BUT...imagine yourself standing by a white rapids in a scenic stretch of river. Would you consider realigning the rocks so that the water flowed more uniformly? At an art event would you ask someone to de-blur an impressionist painting so your soul could better revel in a paint-by-numbers offering? Might I suggest, before turning on that jazz radio station, loosen your belt, unkink your backbone, practice squinting your eyes and moving your head to and fro, smoke a fatty. Turn it up a bit and give up asking the music to inform you by telegraph what notes are coming next...just let it come.

Nashville is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Enough beer to lower the old IQ so we can all sing-along about our broken down trucks and dogs that won't hunt!   

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