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12/03/18 01:26 PM #4431    


Michael McLeod

I could use it in my writing class. Dense with telling details -- the little things that say a lot.

12/04/18 09:32 PM #4432    


Timothy Lavelle

Days of presidential news that has been complimentary, from the heart and reverential. Such a great, if temporary, change for all of us.  

12/04/18 10:44 PM #4433    


David Mitchell


I think I am in love with Maureen Dowd. To be able to write like that - wow.

And the content was so damned refreshing - and human. It almost made me imagine that I had lived through such a time. 

12/05/18 12:22 AM #4434    


David Mitchell



We were talking a few days back about Proms and Cotillions. I Just found something kind of fun to share.

(Actually this is just to make McLeod jealous)

I came across a few photos that had gotten separated from others I keep in a box. It occurred to me that I had just marked another 50th anniversary. (50th's are getting to be a thing with us). A couple days ago marked 50 years since I graduated from Flight School at Hunter Army Airfileld (NO, not an Air Force Base - an Army Airfield. There is a difference) in Savannah (indirectly why I am back down here now).

I know that's no big deal for you all, but some photos might be fun here. And a good story within the story. 

Most of us were college dropouts (the only military program you could fly in without a college degree - "Army Warrant Officer Rotary Wing Flight Training" - say that real fast) and many of our parents came for the gradutation ceremony.  

So here is one of my "Prom" pictures. It was our graduation ball and one of my roommates families came down from Findley Ohio with Mike's 17 year old (cute) sister who had accepted my invitation to be my date to the ball.  

It was a fun time and as you will see in the added photos, we were pritty damn full of ourselves - after a grueling 9-month program that was so hard for the first 4 months, I don't know how I made it through the early days. We were informend about a month before the graduation that we were required to order Army dress blues - at a cost to each of us at around $250 !!! - and which only recently are becoming more publicly worn (used to be only special occasions).

* But before we get to the photo, Mike Lee (my roomate and the brother of my date) did not have a date (dates were optional but strongly encouraged by teh top brass - like we had any chance to meet girls during this confined last few months on teh post - really!). But my other roomate did show up with a date. John kept trying to call this local college (Armstrong State) and kept failing, but getting the same sweet sounding operator from our barracks phone booth. He finally asked this operator to be his date and she accepted.

Read the rest below the photo.


This is Debbie, my roomate's sister from Ohio. Cute girl and awfully sweet.  

Meanwhile John walks in to the ball with his date and we all gasped. His "operator" date was Black, about 10 years older, and weighed about 300 pounds, wearing a "fro" wig as big as I'd ever seen!

We had two large bowls of punch at the party - one was Ginger-Ale based, the other was strongly spiked. We were all on watch to see that whoever was asked by the General or his wife, that we would serve them from the "light" punch. Apparrantly, somebody screwed up because the General had to take his wife home early. She was unable to stand up half way through the Ball. John was a drinker and he drank from the spiked punch heavily that night. Very heavily!  We did not see him again until the next morning.

Can't seem to load more photos - sorry

Just noticed the phot looks like the dress blues are striped - they are not.

12/05/18 01:07 AM #4435    


David Mitchell

I have no idea why I could not load this above. But anyway here are the three guys least likely to end up flying a damn helicopter for our rich Uncle from D.C. This is at the same Graduation Ball, the night before our  graduation ceremony.

Mike Lee and I on the left and middle, a couple of non-smoking, light drinker, goodie-two-shoes. On the right is our third roomate, John Honness (Pittsburgh), who drank like a fish, smoked lie a chimney and bragged on and on about all the girls he's had in more graffic detail than we really ever wanted to hear. We were all a bit different, but we got along wonderfully in flight school. And we had some awfully good times together. When we went out to drink (in Savannah) John would always order Singapore Slings until he couldn't pronounce it any more - He'd say "Slingapore Sings" and then he'd try to assure us that he was "stober as a dudge." 

After Graduation, we were all shipped over on separtate flights and sent to different units and most of us never saw one another again.

But oh, did we have some fun times together in flight school.


The next day just before our graduation ceremony.

About to get our wings pinned on us. One of the proudest days of my life.

I will never forget these two clowns. 50 years!

Golly we had fun together!

(and then they shipped us over across the pond to the real "flight school" ) 

12/05/18 11:14 AM #4436    


Michael McLeod

Just keep it up Dave. See this finger? It is poised over the de-friend button. One more "oh and then I went out with......" or "Actually I forget who it was I took to the Kahiki that night" might set it off. 

12/05/18 01:46 PM #4437    


David Mitchell


Just keep twitching that finger and be VERY afraid!

12/05/18 04:40 PM #4438    


David Mitchell

We should be enjoying this while it lasts - an entire day passing in D.C. with nothing more than fond memories and kind thoughts? 


12/05/18 10:56 PM #4439    


David Mitchell

Sorry to pile it on - you've surely heard enough from old blabbermouth in one day, but this can't wait. A white guy and a black guy are on a road trIp together in 1962. They are from different worlds.....


Aw hell, just go see the most rewarding, most enjoyable, most uplifting adult "feel good" film I have seen in years - maybe ever!  I can't wait to see it again - like tomorrow!

go see   "GREEN BOOK".   Just do it!


Be prepared to laugh, and then get angry, and then grab your kleenex for the end.


(never would have recognized Viggo from "Hidalgo" 15 years ago)

12/06/18 08:34 AM #4440    


Michael McLeod

Hey Dave if you are interested, there is a real life story about the difficulties of traveling while black as a musician, back in the day, near the end of this story.

12/06/18 08:59 AM #4441    


Michael McLeod

And I just wanted to say I for one think it is terrible how the liberal media is picking on President Trump for not being able to recite the apostles creed at the funeral. Well duh people of COURSE he didn't. If he had he would have burst into flames. 

12/06/18 11:08 AM #4442    


Mark Schweickart

Dave's post about Green Book prompts this response. As I mentioned about a month ago, November found  me immersed in another of the National Novel Writng Month Challenges. The good news is that I made the 50,000 word challenge by the end of the month, but I haven't finished the story yet. This year I chose to do an historical novel that I am sure echoes some of what goes on in the Green Book, Instead of following a black-white team of musician and driver on a road trip through the South in 1962, my story follows a black-white group of what were called Freedom Riders, who in 1961 you may remember had a rather harrowing journey through the South on buses in their attempt to see if interstate travel was in fact degregated as required by newly passed Federal law that countermanded the long established State laws that enforced segregation. I am anxious to see Green Book, but have been holding off until I finish my own journey through this time period. I'll let you know when I finish in case anyone wants to check it out. Wish me luck.

In the mean time, I second Dave's recommendation--go see Green Book.

12/06/18 12:34 PM #4443    


David Mitchell


What a fascinating article. The name of the guy who wrote the article sounds familiar. I'd be curious to know where you (I mean he) found this lady - and did you (I mean he)  interview her yourself (Himself) ?



I think you meant GREEN BOOK (at the end of your post)  ????  Were you thinking of the Tom Hanks movie?


p.s. You - doing another piece about History ?   Imgine that!

12/06/18 12:47 PM #4444    


Michael McLeod

Hey Dave.

I got interested in that story when I saw that the college down here was doing a tribute to three classical black composers of the early 20th century. I just thought: How strange it would be to be a great musician, playing classical music, in a country that still treated you as a second-class citizen. I knew that would make a good story if I could track down the right people to talk to. The conductor down here who came up with the idea of the tribute put me in touch with the daughter and granddaughter of one of the black composers, so I called both of them and interviewed them and then did a lot of background research about him and wound up with an interesting story.  Honestly the research isn't the hard part. Figuring out how to write it is what never gets easy.

12/07/18 01:42 PM #4445    


Mark Schweickart

Dave -- Sorry for the Green Book/Mile slip up. Thanks for pointing that out. And yeah, I know, I do tend to gravitate to historical projects. It gives me the opportunity learn something about the past in detail, and at the same time provide a lot of the plotting for an otherwise work of fiction. Win-Win.

12/07/18 10:52 PM #4446    


Joseph D. McCarthy

I thought it was time for some meaningless info for this group.  I recently learned of this site/info.

Deo est Gloria Directory of Religious Life Communities is a directory of ROMAN catholic religious life communities, one of the largest online directories of monasteries and religious orders in the English-speaking world with more than 1,800 listings


12/08/18 02:35 PM #4447    


David Mitchell

Dear Clare, Janie, and Fred, (and all the gang in big "C"),


So, you're throwin' a party. Cool beans! 

I just want to say there is no place I would rather be tomorrow than with all of you. But I cannot leave at this time and make the 13-hour drive. 

Have a blast. And raise a jar for me. 



12/09/18 09:53 PM #4448    


Jodelle Sims

Great time at the Christmas Party!!!  It was wonderful to see "old" friends.  Mary Clare made my favorite, her cream puffs and a woderful salad that I need the recipe.  Everything was perfect!!  Looking forward to the next celebration.

12/10/18 08:18 AM #4449    

Joseph Gentilini

It was a great party this past Sunday afternoon.  Saw people that I have not seen since we graduated from Watterson.  A wonderful time.  Thanks!!!!!



12/10/18 10:56 AM #4450    


Janie Albright (Blank)

Thanks, Jodelle and Joe. And a special shout out to Clare! She did all the work and her Christmas decorations and three Christmas trees are spectacular! Did I remember to take photos?! No. :(  If anyone did please post or send to

There were over 30 in attendance and several who traveled quite a ways to get there! Dave Barbour from Cleveland, Dan Cody from Akron, Francene Maple from Findlay, Larry Foster from Cincinnati, Jack Maxwell from Detroit via Cleveland, and Beth Broadhurst from Pittsburgh! It was a wonderful sized group where you could spend  time talking to everyone there.  

Fred and I did what we could to help but it was really all on Clare heart A great time was had by all! 




12/10/18 12:29 PM #4451    

Daniel Cody

Thanks to Clare, Janie, Fred who made the event a great time. Many thanks.  Too many IC stories!  A small but robust group from St Mikes.  Thanks again and Merry Christmas 

12/10/18 02:29 PM #4452    


Mary Margaret Clark (Schultheis)

To Clare, Janie and Fred for organizing the Christmas gathering and providing all of the food, drinks, desserts.  A special shout out to Clare for opening her home, decorated just like a Christmas wonderland!!  To all who traveled "over the river and through the woods" to share the bonds of friendships created over 50 years ago:

12/10/18 07:17 PM #4453    

Joseph Gentilini

Thanks for a wonderful party!!!  Joe G

12/10/18 08:04 PM #4454    

Mary Clare Hummer (Bauer)

Thank you to everyone who came yesterday. It was so fun seeing and talking with everyone. We missed those who couldn’t be here. The world seems like such a better place in the comfort of old friends. Love you all. 


12/11/18 01:13 AM #4455    


David Mitchell

Are you poeple telling us there were no pictures?


(o.k. so Jack threw 2 shots on the class Facebook page) Is that the best you can do ?

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