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01/07/21 12:15 AM #8809    


Michael McLeod

Pretty sure this is the first time a president of the u.s. got a timeout. How suitable that this sadly historic day ends for our bratty and soon to be ex-prez with the kind of punishment you mete out to the class troublemaker:  He's banned from facebook and his twitter account is suspended for 12 hours because of posts he made that were judged to aggravate the situation.

"You go to your room, mister, and you think about what you did!"


01/07/21 12:04 PM #8810    


David Mitchell

Reading the Memorare brings back memories. Mary and I used to say one together every day for the saffety and health of our kids.


01/07/21 01:18 PM #8811    


Michael McLeod

Ok Dave if that's how you feel you have to turn in your temporary pass to all our liberals-only events - no more "Socialism Sunday" brunches for you! No more Libtard Library privileges - yeah and checking your records you've got a couple of Karl Marx Superhero Action Comix overdue - so turn them in now and begone with you, capitalist pig! 

01/07/21 01:45 PM #8812    

Joseph Gentilini

This is in response to Mike M. #8807.  Trump and his supporters take no responsibility for anything they do.  I believe the mob and trump should be arrested and convicted of treason.  Joe

01/07/21 04:07 PM #8813    


John Maxwell

I wonder if the timing of the insurrection was deliberate to coincide with the Epiphany? I thought Pelosi's remarks were quite apt.

Take heed, the events of the past few days are far from over. This past year has been one of the darkest in our history, but sitting on our couches and watching in shock I found a futile activity. We must be motivated and pay close attention what we tell our grandchildren. There is no excuse for allowing this threat to their future to stand. The proliferation of misinformation, labling and name calling has to end. We, like it or not, are all Americans. We have a responsibility to uphold our laws, and support the authority of our collective community. We must include all Americans in spite of their gender identification, political beliefs, ethnicity, relegious faith, and economic standing. We must stay humble and cautious of those who spout dislike for our differences, our flaws, and our strengths. There can be no prejudice, and inclusion must be a standard that we hold dear. We cannot close our dearest God given gifts, our mind, heart and spirit. Admittedly I am guilty of violations of each and every one of the things I've mentioned, and I am devoted to change. My hipocracy knows no bounds, and am far from perfect. But I commit to try to correct the mistakes I've made in my effort to love my fellow human beings. It's all there is in this life. And life is not a dress rehearsal.

We cannot live in fear. The home of the brave cannot be just a lyric. It must be felt in our heart. There will always be those who prey on those of us who are perceived as weak. The greed and averice that exists are strong aphrodisiacs and create many of the problems we endure. The race for riches and wealth is a constant. Those who partake of the opportunities afforded by our capitalistic lifestyle often leave destroyed souls in its wake. We must guard our integrity and self respect by tempering this pursuit. The Earth and life depend on the level of ignorance rendered in this arena.

I'd like to leave you with a bit of humor from a friend who dug through her grandmother's personal effects after she passed away. One is from sixth graders answers to a history test and the other is from Sunday school kids answers to questions about the Old and New Testaments.

Ancient Egypt was inhabited by mummies and they all wrote in hydraulics. They lived in the Sarah Dessert. The climate of the Sarah is such that all inhabitants had to live elsewhere.

Delegates from the original 13 states formed the Content Congress. Thomas Jefferson, a Virgin, and Benjamin Franklin were singers of the Declaration of Independence. Franklin discovered electricity by rubbing two cats backward and declared, "A horse divided against itself cannot stand." Franklin died in 1790 and is still dead.

The Jews were a proud people and throughout history they had problems with the unsympathetic genitals.

Christians have only one spouse. This is called monotony.

Covid advice:
Bathe thoroughly and be kind to animals.

01/07/21 05:05 PM #8814    


David Mitchell

Amen to what Jack has just said - and rather well put indeed.


And I agree with Joe. Why are there no official calls for arrests for Trump, his son, and Rudy. This was clear and simple case of insurrection, sedition, and inciting to riot. Those are all illegal acts. Listenign to his thug son threateneing every Republican lawmaker who did not side with the objectors was pretty disgusting.  

If this passes without some more serious form of punishment or at least Censure, we can expect more. I won't be surpised to see Young Senator Josh Hawley try to play the "hero" role and keep this frenzy alive until he runs for the nomination in this (so-called) Republican Party in 2024. He was reportedly fist pumping to the crowds as he entered the Capital building earlier in the day. 

And I am still completely baffled at the lack of response from the Capital police. Videos now emerging of the police letting them in, and taking sefies with them are extremely disturbing. 


Dave B. As per the "photo" - I had just washed my hair and couldn't do a thing with it.

01/07/21 07:03 PM #8815    


Michael McLeod

There's a photo of the fist pump.

I feel like posing for one myself at this point.

01/07/21 10:29 PM #8816    


John Jackson

You have to be a real loser when you’re a Republican President and the Wall Street Journal editorial board calls on you to resign:



01/07/21 10:40 PM #8817    

Timothy Lavelle

Jim H.,

Help me out here. I have written several mental (only) e-mails to you today. Only now have I been close enough to a computer to follow through.

You can imagine my dismay with events of yesterday. 

What might be harder to imagine is that I wonder if anything that took place in DC had any affect on your thinking about Donald Trump. I am not asking to put you on the spot, although of course, I am doing just that, but more because you seem to think while others drink or spin fantasies.

Clearly I am hoping that maybe you witnessed something that actually changed your view, your thinking. But what I want is your truth. 

I have some pretty nasty-assed views on yesterdays activities but I want to try to emulate Jack a bit here so I'll keep those close.  Thanks for giving this your usual thought process.



01/08/21 12:16 AM #8818    


Michael McLeod

On the other hand there are always shades of grey; always points of view that get lost in all the shouting.

01/08/21 10:09 AM #8819    


Michael McLeod

Snarky that the wsj writer had to include that "well, you knew he was flaky when you voted for him' line.

01/08/21 11:56 AM #8820    


David Mitchell

I am still unable to grasp the fact that these thugs were simply allowed to exit the premises and walk away unimpeeded after they were finished with their assault.

And how differrent would it have been if it had been a racially inspired mob? 


Consider what a dangerous precident we will set if he is not arrested, impeached, or in some way removed from office for these criminal acts - sedition, insurrrection, inciting a riot. So far, just talk. Talk is cheap.


01/08/21 03:09 PM #8821    


James Hamilton, M. D.


In response to your question in Post #8817:

As you may have observed I have tried to avoid political topics for some time now. But you asked for my truth and my thoughts. First off, I do not condone the illegal storming of the US Capitol building on 6 January 2021.

My ideas on this and other issues are of a longitudinal nature and go back to the 2016 election. My belief is that one - if not the main - reason that the left and so many Democrats literally hate President Trump is that he beat their "heir to the presidency", Hillary Clinton, in the Electoral College and they never got beyond that fact. They  failed to remove him from office by their attempts to to connect him to Russian collusion and other false accusations. To me it is very possible that some of them have tried, and perhaps succeeded, in creating fradulent means to insure that elections are altered to favor the candidate(s) of their choice. As I mentioned some time ago, I am very disappointed that SCOTUS refused to hear arguments which could have presented volumes of evidence to prove fraud in their court. I suggest that there are some 75 million American citizens who also feel this way. Does anyone NOT believe that there was some fraud in these recent elections (national and Georgia)? Even if it would not have changed the results, it needs to be remedied for future elections. "Never let a crisis go to waste" seems to have been in play here with the pandemic being used as an excuse to change election laws.

Despite his being harassed throughout the last four years President Trump has had many successes and kept the majority of the promises he made prior to his election. Obviously, his opponents disagree with those policies but they are the ones he promised.

His rallies have been attended by hundreds of thousands of his ardent supporters and have always been peaceful. People describe them as uplifting and fun. They have never been violent. (The violent talk that I have heard has come from the mouths of people like Maxine Waters and Eric Holder.) I just reviewed the speech he gave to the crowd on 6 Jan and found no evidence of his enciting a riot or advocating violence. I read it as wanting them to show peaceful support to the convened House and Senate to consider his request for the states to vote on electors. Yes, that was a last ditch effort, but was not illegal. The courts certainly would not give him a chance.

Those who did storm the Capitol should be prosecuted, whoever thy are. Some have suggested that  members of radical left groups, such as Antifa, may have infiltrated the crowd and been involved with the invasion. Does anyone NOT believe that is possible?

As bad as that invasion was, it pales in comparison to the riots, looting, burning and other destruction that has ocurred in the past year in Democratic run cities across America.

The security at the Capitol was unbelievably poor. That needs immediate attention! I also wonder if there were some insiders who assisted the criminals in accessing the building. Does anyone NOT believe that is possible?

There needs to be bona fide investigations, on a national level, into the election fraud issue. I also think there should be a national standard for elections in all states and territories on how elections are conducted.

Furthermore, I think that there ought to be a "state electoral college" for Governors, other state officials and Senators made up of counties from each state. I know that here in Colorado most elections are determined by the Denver/Boulder/Aurora area with little attention paid to the Western Slope and Eastern Plains concerns.

Finally, Tim, although I can't find it right now on this Forum or a private message, I think it was you who told me before the election that there are enough checks and ballances on our system that many of the radical ideas that have been proposed by the far left members of the Democratic Party are unlikely to ever be instituted. Now that both legislative branches and the executive branch will be under Democratic control and all three of those have such members in them, I would ask you if you still believe that.

I have said this to others: the slippery slope just got steeper and has been placed over a pit of quicksand.






01/08/21 03:48 PM #8822    


Michael McLeod

Good lord, Jim.

Blaming riots on democrats is nuts.

I mean that's just such a breathtakingly white-privileged, misguided, over-generalizing statement I don't know where to begin to counter it. I'd be curious, speaking of riots, to see how you could justify or rationalize Trump's quite obvious role in manipulating his followers to engage in one two days ago.

Though just as wrong, your assumption that people who disdain Trump feel that way not because of his many, many thuggish and mendacious utterings and actions but because they wanted Hillary as president, is a bit easier for me to understand, since I've long suspected you've turned a blind eye to Trump's dirty-tricks ways, chronic mendacity and sheer political incompetence simply because he confirms your contempt for the other side of the political spectrum. 

Finally, if you can find me concrete evidence of widescale voting fraud -- of which there is no legitimate evidence to date -- I'll be as incensed as you. I do hope there is continued bi partisan investigation the election if only to reassure Americans' faith in the democracy this misguided, ill-tempered, utterly self-centered,  hateful man did his best to destroy. 


01/08/21 03:52 PM #8823    

Joseph Gentilini

Dear Jim, I have read your response #8821 to Mike's post - can't remember the number.  It is well thought out, clear, and concise.  Even before you wrote it, I surmised your views after reading some of your other posts.  I don't agree with much of what your wrote (and you have probably surmised that also), but it is a nice place where ideas, feelings, and thoughts can be put forth safely.  peace, JOe 

01/08/21 04:32 PM #8824    

Timothy Lavelle

You know what I think is funny. I think Mike's now deleted post weasle wording his thoughts...basically saying "Don't pick on Jimmy" is pretty funny. 

Jim knows Tim far better than most of you know Tim. Jim needs no defending from me and he understands that fact while some of you don't. 

By the way Mike, I missed your telling your bud Dave that he shouldn't antagonize our own female lead from the far (far, barely visible) right. But no doubt you have reasons.

We all had many things in common when we were 16. We all believed in Jesus, that the American way was the only path to moral superiority in this world, and that gay people should be shunned at the very least. Many of us have changed fundamental beliefs in the ensuing years based of life's in-your-face lessons. Now we disagree deeply on many things, and honestly I celebrate that. 

I will continue to try to make everyone laugh when I can or to be negative when I think it is called for because that is my truth just like Jim tells his truth...gee, did he not feel picked on by me Mike? shown above. 

I do call people names. I do pick on people who I believe are truly "out there"...a euphemism for someone you would be totally embarrassed by after introducing them to your friends in a bar. 

I'd like to carry on this discussion with Jim because it is an opportunity to have someone with intelligence show why he believes ideas that, I...think are almost paranoid in their root. 

But let me offer you all, everyone who still reads this forum, a deal. All it takes is one of you....just one...if you'll post here, not some weak kneed crap telling me how to purport myself, but just "Lavelle, stop posting here", I promise never to post here again. Think how badly I will feel if multiples of you take up the challenge. 

Memories of Woody Hayes as a solution to anything. Jesus Mike, gimme a break. 



01/08/21 04:34 PM #8825    


Michael McLeod

I defended him Tim, yes I did. And I'm even surer now that bringing it up at this point was tactless on your part.

But once I saw his response I was embarrassed about being such a softie.

You can see why, if you take the time to read my last post. 

But how swell it is of you to call me a weasel just to round out the prevailing animosity.

01/08/21 04:45 PM #8826    

Timothy Lavelle

What crap. I wouldn't insult a weasel like that.  

You bored me with endless columns of anti-Trump articles but after that side invades the heart of democracy you say "First, let's be loving". I thought your chosen field was about the truth, no matter how hard it was to get to that truth. 

Or is it just about placating the fans?

C'mon. All it takes is one person. 

01/08/21 05:40 PM #8827    


Frank Ganley

I was totally blown away by most of the responses, I WAS SURPRISED ABD PLEASED WITH JACK MAXWELLS'S STATE MENT Soory for the caps but i have to watch my fingers, Mary margaret asked we pray to which Goose responded he did. My hopes for our nation which none of you give a yot or a tiddle is this: i PRAY THE BIDEN WILL GO DOWN AS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER! I PRAY FOR THAT MORE THAN ANY OF YOU TWITS HATED tRUMP!  nOW THE SECOND THOUGHT and please explain to me why this is not possibe, if he won fair and square , which some doubt then why not open the books and count the ballots so that no one can say biden cheated. Shakespear said it best,"Me thinks thou doth protest, too much! But then lets get into the ridiculous and sublime, starting the pole position Mr Mitchell, how ridcuiculous of you to ask mary margaret if she approved the rioting, Insulting!Mr Mcleod asks does mitchell have any integrity, no. he fluuters in the wind with the rest of you only becsause they hate trump !! Why and why could you all do nothing but try to destroy his family, his work for the country and the peace that he has brought to the world which no one else could do, but spew the hate.Only to be topped by that great thinker and solver of nothing mr. Jackson who insinuated that the eminant dr, hamiltonwould have the audacity to think that there was no outside influences likeANTIFA  would they would not be involved. II guess all of the rioting on the west coast was a figment of some right wing republican and antifa is a bunch of nice boys and girls who would never do anything like that..against.this great country!Mr Jackson who caused ever riot up till this january, left wing useless cry babies who only want their own way. Antifa, blm etc, thats who, all the groups that hate trump. not trump supporters were too busy, working, retiring to golf, sailing , and the pleasures of life which we deserve for working. Its our money we earned! why do you think we should be taxed more? why should are rights taken from us by the do nothings like you libtards! MR MCOEOD BRINGS UP WHITE PRIVLEDGE, KISS MY ASS1 THAT IS DUMBEST STATEMENT INVENTED. What is it? i must apologize to you idiots for being white and successful, i owe you something for being what God made me. I did't have a vote on it. Becasuse i'm white i get everything. Bull merde! Maybe i  was afforded some things but i had to work my ass off to keep that opportunity, it wasn't like I'm dumbocrap with a government job. How about hindu indian privledge, they're all doctors and engineers or german privledge they are all engineers. you people make me sick with all of your self rightous lib crap and those who support Trump are pathetic losers. There are many lurkers on this site who don't want you few idiots to condemn them for e way they think. How do i know, i talk to them, i meet with them. i play golf with them, go out for dinner with them and they all agree you all are a f&*KI%&@ joke with all your hig and mighty way. Not one of you morons have any thoughts as to what would make this country better but lets get rid of trump. we have 12 days till inauguration day and you assholes are still rtying to indict him, throw him and his family into jail etc. nothing better to do.As i stated in the bigging I pray biden is the greatest president ever. But if he fails to maqintain what we have in terms of manufacturing, banking, foreign affairs, etc, gthat sin is on your souls and all those that help cheat the USA out of a fair and honest election. So on that note I BID ALL OF YOU A FINAL ADIEU !hOPE I'M WRONG BUT I DON'T THINK SO 

01/08/21 06:37 PM #8828    


David Mitchell


(could somebody tell the usher that we are running out of toilet paper here in the men's room?) 







01/08/21 06:52 PM #8829    

Timothy Lavelle

Sooooo, uh...

How ya like me now Mike?

Small point but how many times does an even semi-literate person have to count something before you believe their count. If the vote was rigged why didn't Biden get every state. In a vote for class president you wouldn't have the audacity to claim it was rigged. 

Did the Dems demand a state by state recount when Bush and Gore went at it? Did Hilary ask for a recount even though she had more actual votes.

You think that because so many people despised Trump and his emperor type approach that they would bend to steal the election. That you are the only true patriots. What complete garbage you spew. You are paranoid and you embarrass people who try to give you the time of day.

01/08/21 07:41 PM #8830    


David Mitchell

Color me confused ??????

01/08/21 11:23 PM #8831    


Michael McLeod


How can I respect you when you mix your metaphors?

01/09/21 03:35 AM #8832    


James Hamilton, M. D.

Mixed metaphors? No way would I ever travel that road just to score points with my posts!


01/09/21 12:06 PM #8833    

Mary Clare Hummer (Bauer)

Your opening premise in your response to Tim is false, Jim. Where are you getting your information that helped you form the opinion that the “reason that the left and so many Democrats literally hate President Trump is that he beat their ‘heir to the presidency’, Hillary Clinton, in the Electoral College and they never got beyond that fact”? Believing that surely helps you dismiss/support the assaults to our democracy that have been promoted and encouraged by the person in the White House over the last 4 years. It's no secret that you and I view these years through very different lenses and you raised a myriad of issues in your response. You have garnered a certain level of respect on this forum for your work ethic, measured input, even for the beautiful photography. Tim’s question wasn’t about the past four years or the rioters or the courts or the vote or the security. He asked if anything that took place in DC on Wednesday had any effect on your thinking about Donald Trump.


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