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09/02/19 12:31 PM #6067    


Mary Ann Nolan (Thomas)

Frank,I suggest you  Please keep your political rants to yourself at this time of people trying to save their lives.

09/02/19 05:19 PM #6068    


Michael McLeod

Good luck Mary Ann.

It will certainly have diminished in force by the time it reaches you. Crossing my fingers that it drifts east which is certainly a possibility.

09/02/19 08:23 PM #6069    


David Mitchell

After consulting with my Storm Experts, Mary Ann (in Beaufort) , and Tom McKeon (in Florida), and my neighbors, I'm still waiting for the damn thing to get moving and make up it's mind. Yes, we've had mandatory evacuation orders from the Gov.

But hey,,,,,,,

I plan on thinking about maybe getting around to a decision on Wednesday-ish.     By now, about half the locals have left and the other half of us are too stupid to make a decsion until forced. The four lanes of traffic off of Hilton Head are now 3 lanes "Off", and one lane "On". But I live off the island and therfore ahead of that part of the problem. Plus I am familiar with some back roads. 


But just in case we get stuck here, I visited the grocery this evening to purchase all the supplies one needs to throw a 3-day "Can" party. You know what a "Can Party is - stuff you don't have to cook.

Cans of Tuna Fish.

Cans of Smoked Oysters

Cans of Sardines

Cans of Vienna Sausage 

 ........ and just to go a little crazy - a tray of cut vegies and dip.  Par-tay!

Oh, of course my usual health food essentials - one 2-liter Caffiene Free Coke and a large bag of potato chips.

And finally, just in case the power stays on - one box of frozen White Castles and one box of Ice Cream Sandwiches in the freezer.

 . . . . Could it get any better than that?






09/02/19 08:25 PM #6070    


David Mitchell

Well, actually yes.

I just found a jar of unfinished Green Olives in the back of the fridge.

All this and a Marathon weekend of "Downton Abbey" re-runs. 

I'm on a roll !

09/03/19 12:37 AM #6071    


David Mitchell

Spoiler alert !!!   maybe?

After watching approximately 11,249 hours of Downton Abby re-runs, I may have just seen something important that might be part of the new movie comming out in the next few weeks.  

Stay with me here. 

You will rememeber Young Tom, the former driver/IRA sympatizer, who married the youngest daughter, who then died right after childbirth. Tom has become a treasured member of the family, father to a cute littl girl, and handsome young widower.

And you may possibly have noticed a character in a minor roll in the last few episodes of the final series. She is MIss Evans, the cute, young, blonde assistant to second daughter, Lady Edith, in her publishing ofice in London.

Okay, so tonight I noticed a momentary bit of friendly conversation between those two in the church at Lady Edith's (long awaited) wedding.

So I ask you - Could there be a budding romance here? Could young Tom get another chance at marital bliss?  My suggestion;


                 KEEP CALM


See the Movie as soon as it comes out!



09/03/19 09:19 AM #6072    


Frank Ganley

Mary Ann so nice of you to chime in. I was replying to Mike and way before this hurricane was close. Sorry that it showed up in between hurricane prayers and woes. As you know I too am in a possible strike area so since it’s moved closer , my prayers for safety. 

09/03/19 11:47 AM #6073    


Michael McLeod

Good question:




"The frequency of severe hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean has roughly doubled over the last two decades, and climate change appears to be the reason. Yet much of the conversation about Hurricane Dorian — including most media coverage — ignores climate change.

That’s a mistake. It’s akin to talking about lung cancer and being afraid to mention smoking, or talking about traffic deaths and being afraid to talk about drunken driving. Sure, no single road death can be attributed solely to drunken driving — and many people who drive under the influence of alcohol don’t crash — but you can’t talk meaningfully about vehicle crashes without talking about alcohol.

Climate change, likewise, doesn’t cause any one hurricane on its own, but it’s central to the story of the storms that are increasingly battering the Atlantic. Why are we pretending otherwise?"

09/03/19 12:00 PM #6074    


Kathleen Wintering (Nagy)

Good Luck, Mike and Mary Ann. Hope the storm  misses you! KathyW.

09/03/19 01:47 PM #6075    


David Mitchell

It's down to a CAT-2, and seems to be turning further right. 

Guessing my neighbors and I are staying put. But it may reach us while we have extra high "King Tides" which means it will get well over the river bank in my front yard. I am about 10 feet above normal high tide. 

Still sunny and clear and no breeze.

Stay tuned.

09/03/19 02:20 PM #6076    


Michael McLeod

Sorry for the folks in Bermuda. I think the rest of us will be fine. Lucked out, finger crossed; expect damage on the coast and hoping it will not be too bad.



09/03/19 02:45 PM #6077    


James Hamilton, M. D.


 Hmmm... Bermuda?? How did that one get past your editors? 🤔  Regardless, hope all you southeasterners and your property stay safe. 




09/03/19 03:10 PM #6078    


Michael McLeod

Damn I ALWAYS do that. Been making that mistake for years.

09/03/19 06:41 PM #6079    


Michael McLeod

been meaning to post this really cool ap here,-81.481,5

09/03/19 10:34 PM #6080    


Janie Albright (Blank)

I’ve been busy sending out info about the class trip to Detroit next week and also an open house where we can visit Toni Cardi. Look for a couple of different emails. 

I also just posted a series of St Christopher photos sent by Joe McCarthy.  Look in the Class photo galleries.  

Larry Foster has done a great deal of work to copy and format our high school Eagle Views to the site. Right now only the first two issues from our Freshman year are on there although we have all of them ready as we find time. We are still trying to figure out how they can be enlarged. If any of you who are pretty technical have ideas let Larry or me know. Our eyesight is no better than yours so we do know they are hard to read right now.

09/04/19 11:41 AM #6081    


Michael McLeod

By now you will all probably have deduced that I'm fine.

No fireworks, no nothing. Just a little rain and wind. If I hadn't been reading the news the only clue I would have had that something out of the ordinary was afoot in the weather was when I walked outside at dusk yesterday and saw this beautiful sky, with a sliver of turquoise on the western horizon, and this menagerie of clouds of various colors, from fluffy white to dark grey, moving together like a herd of animals that don't ordinarily rub shoulders with each other. Most weather patterns where I am move from west to east, from the gulf side to the atlantic. These clouds were being drawn southwest, towards Dorian. I waved goodbye and wished them well - and, happily, never saw them again. 


09/04/19 08:57 PM #6082    


David Mitchell

Honk if you're bored with the Weather Channel !

Low Country update;

 Sorry this photo won't line up correctly. This is Tuesday afternoon (yesterday) looking across at our deep-water dock. This shows the hinged walkway and the floating lower portion at almost low tide. The top of the ramp is hinged, and the lower end is on wheels. The outer portion floats freely with holes around tele polls driven into the river bed. One sees this type of cock everywhere on the coast where the tides prohibit a fixed level pier. 

This is the May River - Johnny Mercer's inspiration for the song "Moon River". He lived in Savannah and had a summer home here in Bluffton on the river. Further beyond this is Hilton Head Island, and beyond that, the ocean. You're looking easterly.

Neighbors gather and sit under the roof with built-in benches. We chat, raise a glass, and watch for dolphins swimming by in marmer weather. We sometimes swim off this dock. Often, there is a small boat or two tied to the dock.

Remember, this is low tideYesterday was gorgeous!


This next shot is the same dock at (very) high tide. The local tidal swing varies between about 8 and 9.5 feet every six hours, 12 minutes and about 13 seconds - I'm not making that up. That insures that the change of scenerey out on the river is never the same. We can watch sunrises looking beyound this, then some spectacular sunsets behind this view, and some months, brilliiant moon rises back in this direction.    

(Sorry again - can't figure out how to line it up) 

Just showing you this in case I stay and can show you something quite a bit higher tomorrow. UNLESS I decide to leave. Storm surge, tomorrow night is expected to be 4 to 7 feet, plus it may come at the same time as a "King Tide" (super high). I Live about 10 feet above normal tide. "Matthew" brough the water up about 1/3 of the way to my cottage. Dorian should come closer. I'll decide to stay or go tomorrow.

Most of the town and about half of my neighbors are gone. I took a drive around town earlier and Ooher than two gas stations, there is one and only one establishment open in the entire town. It is an Irish tavern (with decent "comfort food")  that caters mostly to locals called Molly O'Doul's. Absolutely nothing else open anywhere, and then this outdoor patio packed with people!

 I wish I could post some videos. I have a shot of the tiny "Fiddler Crabs" scurrying off the dock under foot as I approach.  

Again, this is high tide. See the difference in the angle of the ramp - almost flat. 


09/04/19 09:14 PM #6083    


David Mitchell

My apologies again - frustrating! Anyone claiming a disloacated neck may call 911-NEK PAIN

Just wanted to throw in a shot of the outer dock and ramp with a neighbor's "Crab Trap" hanging down. She "Crabs" for an ocassional dinner. They are Blue Crabs - and delicous! ​

It's been raining off and on for a few hours. It's increasing and will accelerate later tonight.

* Tonight the wind is picking up. That toowill accelerate through the night. My biggest fear is not water levels, but a large tree branch going down and breaking a power line. Happens now and then in any storm. I live in deep woods with many huge old "Live Oaks" - call em "Forest Gump Oaks" huge low hanging branches. I can live with loss of refrigerator contensts. I'm not so good with loss of A/C. 

Talk at ya on the other side.

09/04/19 09:32 PM #6084    


David Mitchell


If I could show you some videos, you would think it's the backdrop for "Peanut Butter Falcon". It looks like this all the way up the SE coastal shores. They shot that up in the" Outer Banks" of N.Carolina. 

The film was a bit weird, but I enjoyed it. Shia LaBeouf was excellent. 



To explain a point for those who are following this storm.

A lot of talk about Savannah, GA,  and Charelston, SC - only about 2 1/2 hours apart. The two charming Historic cities are very differernt downtown topographies.

Downtown Savannah (not all suburbs) is on a high bluff - maybe 50 feet or more above the Savannah River. Downtown Savannah never floods.

All of historic downtown Charleston is very low and flat. It floods at the drop of a hat. 

* Also, here in Bluffton and Hilton Head, our local history is almost completely free of serious Hurricane damage. If you look at a map, the coast swings way in between Florida and Charleston.  Matthew and Irma in the last few years were medium serious, and they were the first to hit this area in many many years.

09/05/19 11:39 AM #6085    


Michael McLeod

Good luck with the hurricane Dave.

I keep sayin': Worst comes to worst, there's still time to nuke this thing. 

09/05/19 03:01 PM #6086    


David Mitchell


Do I sue The Weather Channel for hooking me into wasted days of watching?

Do I hold a fire sale on cans of Smoked Oysters, Sardines, and Vienna Sausage?

Or just thank God for dodging a bullet? 


Either way, I have just been scammed by a guy named Dorian! After seeing the devastaion in the Bahamas, we really thought this one could be IT.


Just slept through a moderately windy night with gentle wind noise and no loss of power - (read: A/C stayed on all night). Not much more than palm frond branches scattered around the yard. Further testimony to the history of our lack of hurricanes in the immediate area. This false alarm has happened many dozens of times in our neck of the woods over the last hundred years. It's one of the reasons so many poeple choose to move here as opposed to Florida or further north on the coast. 



We have a local TV station that broadcasts a 24-hour screen with 4 different camera views of local highways and key intersections. It rotates every few seconds through about 20 or more different shots of 4 different views at a time.

Right now all the local weather broadcasts are about rescue, power line repair, and recovery in general. As the Governor keeps saying "We're here to help". That highway camera channel just switched on some background music and played Joe Cocker's "A Little Help From My Friends", followed by "Splish Splash", and then some version of "Nothing Could Be Finer Than to be in Carolina".  

09/05/19 03:11 PM #6087    


David Mitchell

This keeps getting funnier. Now they are playing this song.

I love the second verse..... "What Happend Last Night"


09/06/19 01:19 AM #6088    


David Mitchell

So gratified to learn tonight that we are taking several billion dollars from the Pentagon to build new sections of the "Wall". That cancells several hundred other high priority projects. I realize we didn't need that new cyber security facility. I mean, let those crazy Chinese get further ahead of us than they already are.             Details, details!

But I am a bit queasy about cancelling that new middle school for the kids at Fort Cambell Kentucky. Maybe by the time the current class graduates they will have a new bunch of kids who don't even give a damn about an education. D'ya think?

And those guilible Puerto Ricans actually beleived they would get the entire $400 million we "promised" for their ongoing rebuild.  Health conditions be damned.  It's only a "territory". Did they think we really meant it?



If you read the details, there are only a few hundred other "unimportant" projects being scrapped. 


BTW, I did have a weather map on which I added Utah and Alberta to the path of Dorian, but the guys at the Weather Channel said they would get back to me. 


Meanwhile - on a serious note - Berkermer is at it again with more great Photgraphs on Faceboop.

09/06/19 02:00 PM #6089    


David Mitchell

Okay, so I broke the Forum.


But I just have to comment on the nighmare going on in the Bahamas. I'm sure you are following it too.

I'm trying to comprehend the logistaical problems of this mess. Death toll now at 30 and expected to go much higher. How many wounded people still trapped inside collapsed buidings?  A number of Haitian refugess in a low lying (Yes, it's all "low-lying") shanty town. The high priorities of medicine, food, and rescue are completely thwarted by the scatterd debris - I mean BIG debris.

They need to begin clearing the mess immediately. They need to open streets and pathways through the rubble in order to actually get to people.

But how do you get the neccessary large demolition and removal equipment onto the islands? Getting to some of the islands is not even possible. Several airports are out. Many of the marinas and boat docks re ruined. 

 And once there, where do you begin? To get to it all, the removal of all that rubble wil be a immense task. And then, once they get ot the debris, where do they haul it? 

Here is a gut wrenchcing excerpt from today's USA Today - an account repeated from a few days ago:

Meanwhile, horrific stories have emerged from Dorian's terror. Adrian Farrington, 38, told the The Nassau Guardian, that his 5-year-old son, Adrian Farrington Jr., was swept away from a storm surge that hit their home on Aboco Island. 

The father, battling a fractured leg, said he had been treading water with his son, who had been clinging on for about an hour amid the rising water. He moved his son to the rooftop of their home, he said, after noticing some fins in the water that posed danger

Farrington said he told his son to stop crying, close his mouth and keep breathing. But before he could get on the roof to join his son, a gust from the hurricane dragged him back into the water. 

“I still could remember him reaching for me and calling me, ‘Daddy.’”


And so far all they have landed is a few medical volunteer teams (one from Seattle... Seattle!                                     With medicine, 2 dogs, and a handful of dirt bikes.

This is going to become an enormous humanitarian nightmare if we and other nations don't jump in with both feet. And to think, we just pulled the (promised) funds from Puerto Rico's recovery efforts. 

And then here come the California fires. 

09/06/19 02:23 PM #6090    


James Hamilton, M. D.


This is where the military is needed - medical units, corps of engineers, hospital ships, airlift supplies, etc. These units have been used in the past (Haiti) and the soldiers loved such assignments. The medical problems that follow such disasters need mass preventive/public health measures, even simple things like tetanus shots.


09/06/19 07:16 PM #6091    


Kathleen Wintering (Nagy)

Happy Birthday to Barb Jaquay!! Sept.6, 2019 .! Kathy Wintering

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